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New Mexicos Hot Chefs tm Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse Creme Brulee

Looking for a big city dining experience? Find it at Albuquerques prestigious Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse on 4th Street.

Designed after the old speakeasy of the Prohibition Era, Vernons cozy and intimate atmosphere is punctuated by shiny black diamond plaster walls, rich red planked ceilings, and elegant live music including piano solos and jazz vocals.

Sometimes referred to as one of Albuquerques best kept secrets, Vernons is a popular destination for those in the know. And what they know is that the dining experience at Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse is memorable.

Noted for its sumptuous steaks, Vernons menu includes butter-tender filets, rich-flavored bone-in rib eyes, and prime rib aged to perfection.

Youll also find exceptional choices in seafood, veal and lamb, all prepared for the most discriminating palette. From tempting appetizers, soups and salads to delectable desserts, youll marvel at the exquisite flavors, dramatic presentations, superb service and extensive wine list.

Vernons Hidden Valley Steakhouse. Discover it for yourself. Make the reservation

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Vigiluccis Restaurant Group in San Diego CA

Visit one of Vigilucci’s nine locations in San DIego County from Oceanside to Coronado and enjoy menu highlights including pasta dishes, savory veal, chicken, prime steak and seafood paired with award-winning wine lists. Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group also offers full-service catering with customized menus and staff to suit every occasion and group size. Buon Appetito!

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Fine dining is something worth seeing.

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