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That 70’s Cop show

Hot Fuzz meets Life on Mars Written by Mark Keegan Ectectera Theatre at 7.30 June 26th-July 1st (6.30) Un PC cops PLODD & COPPAfrom the 70’s meet up with their new boss in the PC obssesed noughties COPPA ( John Thaw type) at his desk, He reads a...
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FOOD NEWS: Michael Pollan: In Defense Of Food

For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, visit: http://cookingupastory.com Michael Pollan’s new book, In Defense of Food, provides the backdrop for his talk at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon, and this prior interview with Deborah Kane of the environmental nonprofit organization, Ecotrust. Remarkably, Mr. Pollan...
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