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Spicy Chicken & Pork Tetelas recipe part 1 – Hairy Bikers Cookbook – BBC

The Hairy Bikers are in Mexico to demonstrate the best way to cook a delicious and traditional Mexian dish: spicy chicken and pork tetelas with salsa and refried beans. This recipe runs across two videos. Check out part two for the full recipe! Watch more high quality videos on the Food YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcfood

Duration : 0:4:41

11 thoughts on “Spicy Chicken & Pork Tetelas recipe part 1 – Hairy Bikers Cookbook – BBC

  1. HotKebab says:


    lol sos.

    lol sos.

  2. cinelagr says:

    they are sos stupid …
    they are sos stupid!!!

  3. S0ld1erH3lly says:

    The guy in the …
    The guy in the black shirt is from my home town.

  4. oyePhoker says:

    we eat a similar …
    we eat a similar salsa in Bhutan as well .. same concept .. fresh tomatoes,onions, green chilies.

  5. oyePhoker says:

    those are some old …
    those are some old old beans lol

  6. Andrewheeler says:

    Great Programme

    Great Programme
    love bikes
    love food

  7. djmisplacedmarblesTV says:

    what chefs they …
    what chefs they been beating man ?…oh ye that TV show thats on now… lol is this from that show ?!

    I hear what you say re the “fancy stuff” but ya know some of those type of chef take it too far … keep it simple say I . though that heston fella makes a nice lookin fish n chips .. rick stiens taste the best I had so far …from his chipper in padstow.

    you know mate wish them lads would come round ours and cook me up some good grub I’ve IBSs and need buildin up a bit lol

  8. MrSmokinitup says:

    for real

    and i …
    for real

    and i love how they keep beating michelin star chefs with their stupid fancy dishes

    they beat them with real food, that people actually like

  9. djmisplacedmarblesTV says:

    yah man, propper …
    yah man, propper job , propper munch by propper lads. nice 1 .

    every meal I’ve seen so far has been good hearty stuff, well made which is what I like …keep em coming 🙂

  10. Micceewow says:

    nice second
    nice second

  11. CallumT15 says:

    W00 first comment!
    W00 first comment!

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