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This is own version of cooking PORK MENUDO… I’m sorry about the quality of the video…

Duration : 0:9:35

25 thoughts on “PORK MENUDO PEACHY’s STYLE

  1. dianne34kris says:

    ur hubby is soo …
    ur hubby is soo cool hahahaha

  2. sterlingtaste says:

    this talks …
    this talks too much…

  3. mace0816 says:

    sana ako ganyan ako …
    sana ako ganyan ako pg ngkaasawa!!!!!heheheh…..t.y.!!!!ur an inspirational couple!!!i love u mary grace tiad!!!!

  4. mouellito says:

    u couple are so …
    u couple are so sweet! madami akong natutunan sa inyo..thanks guys!! godbless you! :))

  5. ulagah says:

    halukayin daw bah!! …
    halukayin daw bah!!!hehehe try ko version mo peachy ..God Bless

  6. Sugarszpice says:


  7. Sugarszpice says:

    I love watching you …
    I love watching you both

  8. Chatosvideos says:

    It is good to see …
    It is good to see your husband sharing in the cooking. He is learning to cook Filipino food —- do not be afraid Peachy. Let him cook for you a filipino dish. You will get better and not get sick if you let him also do some family cooking.

  9. akfilipinahottie says:

    i wish my bf helps …
    i wish my bf helps me to cook too when he has free time.. 🙁 but anyways, we all have different style of cooking our very own filipino dish ”menudo”. I prefer to marinade first the pork with soysauce and lemon juice (calamansi), simply cause it brings taste with the meat. That’s all.. Thank’s for the video. God bless..

  10. cebulahug says:

    salamat kabayan for …
    salamat kabayan for showing us how to cook menudo…sweet naman ng husband mo…pogi pa…hehehe

  11. 07Ablaze says:

    good job!!!..God …
    good job!!!..God bless and continue enjoying your cook!!!:)

  12. josephinegueco says:

    tnx for posting… …
    tnx for posting…keep it up…god bless

  13. tarantado2020 says:

    i know what u mean. …
    i know what u mean.. this is a different cook of menudo filipino style. hispanics have diff. menudo. i got some karnals and their mama cooks some good spanish menudo

  14. MURA1243 says:

    you should write …
    you should write that this is not in english!!!

  15. 2lilmans says:

    this aint menudo …
    this aint menudo maybe in youre part of town?? Us hispanics make it way diff..

  16. MissArmyNurse says:

    helllo amore hehehe
    helllo amore hehehe

  17. Wilsonsam04 says:

    Kalami man nimo …
    Kalami man nimo moluto Peachy..

  18. brendogwapo says:

    sinong may sakit?
    sinong may sakit?

  19. newvintan says:

    thanks for posting! …
    thanks for posting! pwede ba tomato sauce nalng gagamitin ko instead of puro fresh kamatis? thanks

  20. evilmcnair says:

    helo peachy sana …
    helo peachy sana ganyan ka sweet ang asawa ko kasi kano namn asawa ko ,kababayan galing mo magluto,keep it up ..im proud of you,and hope more happiness to come sa inyong dlawa..mwahhh

  21. Ronnelsky says:

    very nice husband …
    very nice husband you have there kabayan!

  22. Angeltots says:

    hahaha! ikaw ung …
    hahaha! ikaw ung may sakit pero xa ung may aptment sa doctor! XD

  23. peachy24 says:

    in some of our vids …
    in some of our vids we argue… ahehehe

    thanks a lot for watching… 🙂

  24. peachy24 says:

    your welcome Zari.. …
    your welcome Zari… 🙂

  25. klhayre says:

    hi.. i can’t help …
    hi.. i can’t help but smile… u couple are so cute… bravo! i learned a lot from you.. keep it up!

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