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Pork in cider & calvados apple puree recipe – Floyd on Food – BBC

Chef Keith Floyd is in Devon to demonstrate the best way to cook a simple, easy to follow Pork Normande recipe by using local ingredients. Classic cookery video from BBC food show ‘Floyd on Food’. Watch more high quality videos on the Food YouTube channel from BBC Worldwide here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcfood

Duration : 0:4:7

22 thoughts on “Pork in cider & calvados apple puree recipe – Floyd on Food – BBC

  1. iampeekay says:

    he is talking about …
    he is talking about me!

  2. 22poopoo says:

    What’s up with you …
    What’s up with you gnomietrout? What are you rambling on about?

  3. rakastaus says:

    Dear Mr. Keith …
    Dear Mr. Keith Floyd, I always loved watching your programmes on TV and I will miss you. You taught me a lot about food and cooking. Rest In Peace my friend!

  4. FuyuUK says:

    Oh lawds, I lol’d
    Oh lawds, I lol’d

  5. puppi3000 says:

    What the do …
    What the do you know? I bet you can’t even boil an egg. You probably prefer Gordon Ramsay anyway.

  6. Bazanadu says:

    What an ignoramus …
    What an ignoramus you are.

  7. sweetiecandykim says:

    aww, R.I.P.
    It is …

    aww, R.I.P.
    It is ironic, but sad too 🙁

  8. tom1984uk says:

    Ironically he has …
    Ironically he has died now.

  9. catalyst8 says:

    Rest in peace, …
    Rest in peace, Keith. You demonstrated integrity, good humour & honesty. Cheers!

  10. Snowey64 says:

    God bliss you Keith …
    God bliss you Keith, may you rest in peace!

    going to miss you!!!

  11. gnomietrout says:

    Burn and boil the …
    Burn and boil the British food in an over heated iron skillet. Then cover the mess up with burnt and boiled sauce but first a drunk grubby mouthy English fop with bow tie will run his un-washed raw pork slickered fingers through it and let us all know how lovely it’s going to be for the lucky person who gets to consume this fine plate. Well done old chap, tally ho!

  12. FuyuUK says:


  13. sweetiecandykim says:

    wash your hands …
    wash your hands after handling raw meat!!!

  14. sweetiecandykim says:


  15. sweetiecandykim says:

    what? that doesn’t …
    what? that doesn’t even make sense. twat

  16. BHvids says:

    Fools? some people …
    Fools? some people can’t afford high quality food everyday….

  17. erix27en3 says:

    what a scum !!!!! …
    what a scum !!!!!!!

  18. insision says:

    he is amazing xD …
    he is amazing xD his cameraman is hopeless xD

  19. Ijelekhai18 says:

    ok thanks
    ok thanks

  20. manchal333 says:

    the question is, …
    the question is, did he die?

  21. Mafiadaughter says:

    I dont think so, …
    I dont think so, Well I hope he hasnt.

  22. willopad says:

    Floydy is ab fab
    Floydy is ab fab

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