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Pork bone soup (“gamjatang”)

How to make delicious Korean pork bone soup, enough for 2 or 3 servings.
Full recipe is on my site: http://www.maangchi.com/recipes/gamjatang

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  1. parkman1986 says:

    I’m able to cook …
    I’m able to cook korean food for the first time for my parents and I am 32….so well overdue thanks…I made seafood pancake today lol

  2. parkman1986 says:


  3. samurai4310 says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much Maangchi!!!
    Your videos are truely great! Please keep filming forever!!

  4. enedina123 says:


  5. Violin121892 says:

    what is the …
    what is the difference between perilla and sesame leaves?

  6. marcelovesi73 says:

    mmmm…looks good
    mmmm…looks good

  7. rhumba311 says:

    LOVEE this receipe …
    LOVEE this receipe and I love this version of gamjatang from you. You make it so easy to follow. Thank you

  8. RiceEater07 says:


  9. Maangchi says:

    @pangGo Thanks!
    @pangGo Thanks!

  10. pangGo says:

    this looks …
    this looks delicious! i like the song btw

  11. Maangchi says:

    @md0731 yes, you …
    @md0731 yes, you can use either one.
    Darker soybean paste could also be used for dipping sauce or even cabbage doenjang guk. Skip perillar seed powder if it’s not available.
    Dipping sauce recipe is posted under pork belly bbq recipe.

  12. md0731 says:

    you are the best! I …
    you are the best! I love your videos. I have two different soy bean pastes at home. Can I use the Japanese miso paste for this dish? I also bought the darker color soy paste. Where can I use that for? Can I use something to replace Perilla seed powders?

  13. Juicyjulz100 says:

    really yummy …
    really yummy looking thanks for a great video:)

  14. penelopoop says:

    Hi, why did you …
    Hi, why did you throw away the stock when you first boiled it? Am I missing something?

  15. song32290 says:

    Aahhhh it looks …
    Aahhhh it looks sooooo good 😀
    Thank you so much for this video!

  16. Maangchi says:

    Check the recipe on …
    Check the recipe on my website. I posted the photo of starch powder. You can use corn starch, potato starch, or sweet potato starch powder.

  17. NSarge87 says:

    What is the “starch …
    What is the “starch powder” she uses??? Does anyone know?

  18. joshthemyth1 says:

    i need a korean …
    i need a korean wife now!! lol awsome vid 5 stars

  19. meteorgarden2008 says:

    i was wondering …
    i was wondering what is soy bean paste? thank you.

  20. 100433049 says:

    You make everything …
    You make everything seems so easy!!!!

  21. 20040806 says:

    you are awesome!!!
    you are awesome!!!

  22. daehan318 says:

    just want to let …
    just want to let all your viewers know, gamja means potato, but real meaning of gamja is the meat in between the pork neckbone, this dish traditional folk, sould food for koreans.

  23. Maangchi says:

    very nice! As long …
    very nice! As long as you are in Korea, you will have no problem with getting right ingredients. Update me on your Korean cooking! : )

  24. crtnycrk says:

    Maangchi! I love …
    Maangchi! I love your videos! I’m in Korea now so I will start practicing soon.

  25. iluvinsung90 says:

    Gamja tang is made …
    Gamja tang is made of pork. it’s just the way it is…lol

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  27. pekeanilu says:

    Gotta love that pork! RT

  28. Greedy Diva says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it more this time. Now we just have to get you there for brunch – nothing like starting the day with smoked bacon chops, bone marrow gravy and a cocktail!

  29. Tarkaan says:

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  30. LFCRY2K9 says:

    can you change the patch so you can have a mossy v28

  31. ceegal88 says:


  32. TimovieMan says:

    Please pick Annie Hall. I know you already spoiled it, but come on you guys HAVE to spoil it! It's a gem of comedic pleasure.

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  34. Gamjatang (pork bone soup): I couldn't find a cookbook recipe, but worked from a number of internet recipes to c…

  35. AboutLastNight___ says:

    Miami is a great town. I love the cuban food, pork sandwiches- my favorite. But I’m hungry for something different now

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  37. rutheh says:

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  38. Buggin’ Out « Confessions of Two Expats says:

    […] by delectabletext Korean cuisine is obviously fabulous — from grilled galbi and rich dak galbi to hearty gamjatang, light samgyetang, and robust bibimbap, this country is a perfect fit for a […]

  39. laiineyo3 says:

    Toronto's The Star paper published a recipe of Gamjatang (Korean pork bone soup)! Check it out

  40. imd says:

    I normally eat them before then, but recently I hot-soaked a pound of beans, then stuck them in the fridge and forgot about them for two or three weeks. I finally took them out and made bean soup, which I had over the next several days. They were fine. I’m sure it varies.

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  42. stupidlyugly says:

    Can’t help you out with the kimchi, but if you’re interested in Korean food, I’ve found [this](www.mykoreankitchen.com) to be one of the best sites written in English. I particularly recommend the gamjatang and the dakgalbi. As for kimchi, asking for the definitive recipe is like trying to say there’s a single recipe for meatloaf. There are so many variations that the only common ingredients among them is napa cabbage, salt, and red peppers.

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  46. Lana says:

    We are the soup fiends, too. Or, I was the one to introduce the soup as a must-have, based on my Serbian heritage. My American husband had only the soup from the can, paired with grilled cheese sandwiches, or in restaurants. But the good habits grow on you fast. If I do not make the soup for dinner, I can expect a veritable mutiny!
    But it's OK, I got them to like the soup.
    Yes, this soup was mild, unpretentious, but easy to prepare and well-balanced in flavor. It was just the introduction into the meal, and I was OK with its subtlety. But, I really love leeks:)
    Your photo is gorgeous:)

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  48. PJMcCready10 says:

    He marcado un vídeo como favorito en YouTube. — Pork bone soup ("gamjatang")

  49. Twitter says:

    RP’s Cooking Update Healthy Eating Recipes: Baked Pork Chops With Apple Cranberry Sauce

  50. Little Lion Man says:

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