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Pork bone soup (“gamjatang”)

How to make delicious Korean pork bone soup, enough for 2 or 3 servings.
Full recipe is on my site: http://www.maangchi.com/recipes/gamjatang

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  1. hanalu1 says:

    He marcado un vídeo como favorito en YouTube. — Pork bone soup ("gamjatang")

  2. susie6 says:

    They're fine looking weaners, there'll be some good pork on them. I now have a fairly regular supply of pork from my freerange Berkshire farming friends, it is delicious! I was amazed by the difference a happy healthy life makes to the taste of pork. We have gone from not eating pork at all, to eating it once or twice a week. Would love to raise our own pigs, but are not setup here for them. One day we'll do it.

  3. Ronni says:

    I think it is interesting that God took a rib and not a toe bone or a ear bone. Not a toe bone so she wouldn't be trampled upon…not a ear bone so he couldn't hear her but a rib bone. Somewhere in the middle of him. A rib bone so that she would always be a part of him. A rib bone so that they would walk equally side by side. Not in front of him nor in behind him but next to him.
    I just find it interesting that out of all the bones He could of chose He decided on a rib bone…

  4. Lea Ann says:

    They’re good in soup. I always scrape out the seeds and veins…I’m a woos.

  5. LizaMu says:

    "Make porky peace with a bowl of gamjatang!" Flushing: Gamjatang at Geo Si Gi

  6. BBQ Pork Sandwich w/ Baked Beans & Cole Slaw $6.49

  7. theskinnybib says:

    It was so freezing when I went and I arrived with a pair of trousers and one layer of shirt! I was there for a day so buying more clothes wasn’t quite an option. I just left myself to freeze … There must be something wrong with the climate to be honest! As for the snake soup, I had been wanting to try snake but on one occasion in Beijing’s night market I had this hawker wave a whole grilled snake on a stick at me and it freaked me out for a year! This soup one was not scary and tasted very good. I learned it helped with blood circulation and kept the body warm, hence the perfect fix for such a cold day.Just spent some time looking at your blog. You’re into playwrighting! I’m researching Shakespeare in performance.

  8. Gamerdude4411 says:

    Oh shiz. i like the Orochi vs Susano fight. Reminds me of Itachi vs Sasuke when Susano dominates orochimaru.

  9. pokaHEARTless says:

    I'm on my way.. you want Campbell soup.. #Dr.Feelgood

  10. IqsanSalvatore_ says:

    hati2 dgn menu hidangan ini

  11. Hot Date in Dempsey Hill « Entice & Seduce says:

    […] Dish #2 was the Sandwich & Soup set. We had the minute beef steak sandwich with the French onion soup.  I didn’t particularly like the sandwich. The used a sort of spread which, according to Ada, tasted a lot like Marmite. The beef wasn’t that fantastic either. I did like the soup but it was a little too oily. I still prefer the onion soup that Michael and I shared over at Barossa before watching Men in Tutus. […]

  12. louresrl_97 says:

    eating this chiccen noodle soup that I made, my cooking skills is getting up

  13. altrooheather says:

    Hi Michele!

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!

    I've never made a mixed bean soup before! I poked around some and seems like none of my go-to blog favorites have a recipe posted either. It's underrepresented!

    I dunno if these will help but my favorite pea soup is:

    Minestrone … this soup is SO AMAZING:

    For switching up a recipe you might find, my favorite veggie broth is Better Than Bouillon No Chicken. It comes in a jar and is great. If the soup includes an Italian sausage Field Roast makes an amazing one. If you haven't tried it, I wholeheartedly recommend them. I'd brown them separately and add them to the soup when you serve it.

    Hope that helps! If you find a great recipe, send it along!


  14. Ping.fm says:

    The Secret of Sweet and Sour Pork Part2 by Ta-Chun Wang

  15. Monex says:

    It isn t much to speak of quite honestly except for all the soup.The way I see it February is the soupiest month. All I want these days is a bowl and spoon and soup at noon stew for supper stock in the fridge broth on the stove soup soup soup! It s warming rustic and immeasurably soothing the sort of soup that makes you want to dock your spoon at the bottom of the bowl and hang out right there for a little while.

  16. zebatron says:

    JF, in some ways this is similar to a bourride but the soup base of that great soup is much thicker and is more the consistency of thick cream due to the addition of cream into the stock and mixing the aioli into the soup base after the fish has been cooked and removed. After the base is thickened with the ailoi and cream, the fish, which typically remain in large fillets, are replaced into the soup base before being served. The soup base of my soup is intense and rich from the great intensity of the fish stock. Although I do serve aioli with my soup, I serve it on the side to be either spooned into the soup or spread on the bread (fried in olive oil).

  17. Beef not Pork says:

    Uhm, that's not pork spine (bone) soup. That's beef bone soup, Haejangguk. The soup with pork spine in it is called Gamjatang. Which actually means potato soup, but they put pork spine (neck) in it. If you ordered Haejangguk then it's beef and not pork.

  18. The Blonde says:

    Awwwww, you make me feel so sad to say good-bye to the warm days.

    Well, no, not really. I will miss the sunshine. But I will absolutely, without a doubt NOT MISS commuting for an hour in the evenings in my UN-AIR CONDITIONED truck. Not at all. Skin seered and stuck to the leather seats. Seriously… summer, GOOD RIDANCE! PEACE OUT! heh.

    Love your post, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone… as always.


  19. PinkTaco says:

    I think it’s hilarious how all of you “insiders” know so much about JM’s personal and business financial.

  20. Laird says:

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