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Personal Trainer in Singapore Says "meat is Like Mozart"

As a personal trainer in Singapore, I get asked a lot about diet, nutrition and supplements for losing fat and gaining muscles.

One common mistake that people in Singapore and around Asia especially make when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain is a lack of meat! Simply not enough.

The Singapore and Asian diet has too little of it. A bowl of fish soup has a few pathetic slices of fish. A plate of roast pork rice has a few slices of roast pork… TINY.

When I mention meat, I mean quite a large amount of meat. At least a kilo per day for men (more is better as long as your digestive system is good!) and 500g per day for women.

“But I heard meat gives you all kinds of health issues”… like – kidney problems, gout, hypertension (high blood pressure) etc…


The problem is not the meat, its the so called “meat” that many men and women end up eating.

Let me explain.

Meat is like a Mozart composition. If you heard a Mozart piece played by me who is an average (or worse) piano player…you would certainly think that Mozart was an average (or even below average) composer!

But it’s not his fault, its mine!

Similarly, people who get problems from meat have bad habits in general and eat BAD meat. This, I do not even consider meat at all!

Smoked meats, preserved meats, sausages, hams and other varieties of “meat” are not meat! They are random animal parts mixed with massive amounts of bad artificial flavoring and preservatives that are cancer causing.

Real meat causes no problems. In fact it’s so good for you that its been known for men in hard labor like soldiers or explorers to eat 4-5kg of meat per day!

The human body has the teeth, the enzymes, the absorption systems to handle meat intake!

Meat boosts your testosterone levels, it improves your liver’s ability to detoxify your body, it improves your immune system, it helps build muscle, it helps you burn fat!

The only thing you should also do is match meat eating with vegetable eating. Meat is acidic while veggies are alkaline.

If these two components (acid and alkaline) are not balanced in your diet, your body will leach chemicals from your muscles and bone structures to restore a correct balance. This weakens you and is certainly something you should be aware of.

So, don’t blame Mozart for my piano playing and don’t blame good quality meats for the ills of those who eat poor quality “meat”! (And don’t forget your veggies either!)

Jonathan Wong

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  6. Aaron says:

    Thanks for your thoughts John,

    In my view I think it depends on what you are drawn to, of which of course you have no control.

    It might be the Trans-personal where your identity shifts to the impersonal realms. There is truly no-one home, yet life unfolds as it will.

    It might be the Personal, where you may have a taste or a peak of the Trans-personal and imagine that as a person, you now control that realm.

    Either way, it is only important to “sustain a healthy and robust sense of personal self in the everyday”, if it is.

    Often, it isn't because, well, that's what life says right now.

    The Personal believes it controls life.
    The Trans-personal knows it IS life, and no-one controls nuthin!

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