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Natural Pork – Niman Ranch – Quality Natural Pork

Today, the Niman Ranch network has grown to include over 650 independent American farmers. Visit the website for more information about Natural Pork.

-Naural Meat
-Natural Beef
-Natural Pork
-Natural Steaks


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  3. For National Donut Day here’s a lovely (terrifying?) pic of a pulled pork/donut sandwich

  4. putting a roasting tray full of par boiled potatoes under the roasting and dripping pork belly is another good idea…..they are delicious, roasting in the delicious (and naughty) pork fat…..it is worth putting a little water in with the potatoes just to stop them catching……
    your pork belly looks amazing! thanks for the tip of the boiling water! brilliant!…..

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  6. Cameron says:

    This is such a wonderful resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing internet websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. It?s the old what goes around comes around routine. My kindest regards, Cameron.

  7. bluedreamer says:

    I think i know that Pork Leg dish….. if it’s with sauce then we called it Paksiw nga Pata but if it’s fried then that’s Crispy Pata… both are yummy

  8. Twitter says:

    *motions to the ranch-style house being built* Just something modest… Then again, there’s an underground bunker. *smirks* –

  9. King_Teee says:

    Kent Rathbun Teams With Niman Ranch For Meal At Abacus in Dallas: From the copy and paste press release departme…

  10. stdl0g says:

    Interviewer: “Do you have any weaknesses?” Me: “Pork products, and women with big tits.”

  11. Indybay says:

    Senior Storage Systems Engineer (Rancho Cordova, CA) –

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