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My question is about beaf and chicken quality or grade?

I want to know what kind of meat it better for health since i don’t eat pork i love to eat beef, lamb and turkey. so, how do i cheke the quality or the grade?

It’s on the label when you buy it at the store. There’s no way to know if you don’t buy it yourself.

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  1. ♂ tђє ς๏๏кเє ๓๏ภรtєг ♂ says:

    Im in the mood for chicken now… lol, This question just made me hungry…
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  2. Alex says:

    Alright for starters beef is NOT healthy. You shouldn’t eat it often maybe once or twice a month, the farther you can stay away from it the better. I generally eat chicken and turkey. I’ve never eaten lamb so I’m not sure. About meat and iron, you can get higher quantities of iron from spinach than from meat. Some reasons why you shouldn’t eat mean : its linked to colon cancer, increases blood pressure, sucks calcium out of your bones.
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  3. Hopalong Cassidy says:

    In a super market, look for Grade A. Ask the butcher.
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  4. DurwoodC says:

    the quality of beef can be determined by the fat content ie;73/20 especially the redder the better, lamb & turkey can be told from "hardness" if it is suppose to be fresh it should be like bread soft also check the dates on packages cause it does make the diffrence
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    used to work in meat dept

  5. Kimba says:

    It’s on the label when you buy it at the store. There’s no way to know if you don’t buy it yourself.
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  8. MikeTMZ says:

    Hey St. Louis! What a treat. #makingmehungry Restaurant dedicated to Chicken Wings!

  9. c(h)ristine says:

    Hi Ashleigh: good questions! And I'm sorry I left that info out! 🙂 I usually cook the chicken until the meat starts falling off the bones (so long as it's not pink/bloody…make sure the chicken is COOKED, and you're better erring on the side of slightly overcooked than undercooked because undercooked chicken is a no-no). (And before boiling it, I rinse the chicken off). If you have a fresh-non-frozen chicken, ALL THE BETTER, because that's probably going to be the best tasting chicken, ever. 🙂

  10. Greg says:

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  11. Friar says:

    Well, I guess hating buzzwords is nothing new, but I was pleased to vent about it. It makes it a bit easier to deal with at work! 🙂

    “Quality” is another good one. Quality product, quality assurance, quality control…blah blah blah. I read the procedures and it's just a bunch of words that mean NOTHING.

    In my opinion, if you cant' explain it to your grandmother in one or two sentences, then you don't understand it!

  12. LeighBoo says:

    Diva bekasi grade 9. Hbu?:)RT

  13. Khaces says:

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