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Muppet Monster Adventure: Part 24 – Temple of Pork – Part 1

Ok, Back to this playthrough again. I had some confusion with this level and struggled to fine i think 4 of the 7 Muppet Tokens here. I went back to this level yesterday and managed to find them. I accidently recorded too loud so the sound quality wont be very good at those bits.

So yeah, This is the “temple of pork”. Alot of swimming in this level. THe second part will probably be up tomrow.
High quality test here too

Duration : 0:9:14

20 thoughts on “Muppet Monster Adventure: Part 24 – Temple of Pork – Part 1

  1. ratchet5 says:

    Sure! That will …
    Sure! That will probably be the next one. I will upload it either on the 19th or the 20th. Stick around

  2. SegaMaster172 says:

    hey ratchet, if you …
    hey ratchet, if you ever have the time, could you make video for the bgm for temple of pork, I’m loving the beat. ūüėÄ

  3. Octorber13 says:

    Thank I will try …
    Thank I will try that.

  4. ratchet5 says:

    Haha, yeah, it was …
    Haha, yeah, it was like 100mb :0.

  5. eXploit1080 says:

    Yeah it is, but I …
    Yeah it is, but I encode in VirtualDub due to crappy internet and I want to make the file size as small as possible with acceptable quality. Also there’s loads of sound effects from Bentley’s Outpost in this song.

  6. ratchet5 says:

    Nope, i think just …
    Nope, i think just Best quality in Windows Movie Maker

  7. eXploit1080 says:

    Was this encoded in …
    Was this encoded in Virtualdub?

  8. Sorasnake281 says:

    Try lookin’ for it …
    Try lookin’ for it on E-Bay or somethin’.^^

  9. Octorber13 says:

    It sad I can’t find …
    It sad I can’t find it so far.

  10. Sorasnake281 says:

    I agree.
    I agree.

  11. Octorber13 says:

    This looks like a …
    This looks like a fun game.

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  16. madame_muppet says:

    that reminds me of my thesis. i am also a “wordy” lass. when i was editing my thesis – which was at one stage almost 10,000 words over word count i would be arguing passionatley for the retention of whole chunks while my supervisor cruelly ordered me to scrap them.
    in particular she said that we were so over word count that the humour had to go:
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  20. Kate_Martin says:

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