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Korean grilled pork belly BBQ (“samgyeopsal”)

How to make this popular BBQ dish – the full recipe is on my website http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/samgyeopsal-gui

Duration : 0:10:44

25 thoughts on “Korean grilled pork belly BBQ (“samgyeopsal”)

  1. faustronoma says:

    *0* ooh maangchi, …
    *0* ooh maangchi, your recipe is so cool, so sad that i cant find the sesame oil here in my country… well, in this case in my city, i didn’t travel to santiago to check out… ): i want so hard to cook your delicious korean food … 🙂

  2. Maangchi says:

    @maraskywalkeriii …
    @maraskywalkeriii check the recipe on my website. All info you are looking for is posted there such as written recipe, tips, photos of the ingredients, comments, questions, and my answer.

  3. maraskywalkeriii says:

    This looks soooo …
    This looks soooo delicious. I was just going over the recipe and typing it out to make a list of ingredients and I’m wondering what the carrot is for. Do you eat it raw in the lettuce wrap or on the side. Please no laughing, I’ve never eaten this before or even been in a Korean Restaurant. I learn everything from you and Aeri. ( oh, and Korean Drama)

  4. Maangchi says:

    @yanerz09 of course …
    @yanerz09 of course you can skip kimchi. Congratulations on your successful gyeranmalyee (egg side dish: Korean style roleed omelette )making. Yes, you can add some chopped ham, too.

  5. yanerz09 says:

    @Maangchi oh i see. …
    @Maangchi oh i see. ahm, is it okay not to put kimchi in it? i’m not really into kimchi.
    but i think the taste of it would turn bad right? 😀 BTW i perfectly made the Gye ran mal yee: 계란 말이. it really taste good! it was thanks to your recipes 🙂 i have a question is it okay i’ll put ham in Gye ran mal yee? so that i won’t only taste the onion and so that it would have a little meat? :DD

  6. Maangchi says:

    @yanerz09 Thank you …
    @yanerz09 Thank you very much. I don’t eat ramyeon often but someday I will post the recipe. Put dried ramyeon and the soup powder in boiling water in a pot and add chopped kimchi, green onion, and rice cake. Cook a few minutes until the noodles are cooked. Crack 1 egg and add it on top and turn off your stove and eat it. simple recipe.

  7. yanerz09 says:

    hello maangchi! …
    hello maangchi! this is my first time watching your videos.
    you are really amazing! are you studying cullinary arts because you’re so good.
    ^________^ do you know how to make ramyun with ddukbokki? please make a video, i really want to learn how to cook it. oh! i’m going to try making samgyeopsal at home if i have time, i love to make korean dishes. even though i’m still 15 right now i really love to cook. hehehe 😀 by the way i love all your vids 😀 ^____^

  8. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    wow nice recipe..

    wow nice recipe..

    erm that friend of urs seems rather muscular…large biceps OO he a bodybuilder?

  9. niamtxiv says:

    omg maangchi, that …
    omg maangchi, that looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

  10. chanchoalcatraz says:

    @Maangchi whoops ok …
    @Maangchi whoops ok. thanks a bunch maangchi !

  11. Maangchi says:

    @chanchoalcatraz …
    @chanchoalcatraz yes, I did already! check my “japchae” recipe!

  12. chanchoalcatraz says:

    hi maangchi! i …
    hi maangchi! i really like a korean dish, i think it’s called Japjae ? not sure about the spelling. it’s a noodle stir fry dish and its really delicious! can u pls make the video for it? THANKS 🙂

  13. cardioland says:

    thank-you for the …
    thank-you for the post! i can’t wait to try making this!

  14. karatericeboi says:

    Thanks so much for …
    Thanks so much for making this! I love this dish!!! I can’t wait to try making it!!!

  15. puggychu says:

    Perhaps the fat …
    Perhaps the fat pork cut can be substituted with a lean muscle meat.
    It will still be the same concept of grilling the meat & wrapping in lettuce & sauce.
    It will still be tasty but without the fat 🙂

  16. HomemadeCafe says:

    Oh Maangchi, I …
    Oh Maangchi, I really love this dish! I’m so addicted too it! lol. I’m probably gaining weight! 😛

  17. cutepuppiers says:

    mmmm. so yummy ^^
    i …

    mmmm. so yummy ^^
    i wish i can visit korean so i can try all korean foods.

    oh yeah, that man is so funny. i like him ^^

  18. silkfan says:

    Pretty Lilies!
    Pretty Lilies!

  19. mmdghr says:

    yummmm i am so …
    yummmm i am so gonna make this thank you !!!

  20. NattHrafn says:

    well, the skin just …
    well, the skin just gives a little extra crisp. But I guess this dish is not very friendly for fat phobics out there. But It’s a classic i remember from my time in sydney:)

  21. respeanut says:

    dont forget sesame …
    dont forget sesame oil 🙂

  22. Duoliv2 says:

    I would definitely …
    I would definitely eat with the skin on!!! Yum, I think I’m going to wait to make this in the summer so I can do it outside! 🙂

  23. sleepingcoo says:

    its my favorite …
    its my favorite dish !

  24. cardiffguy85 says:

    im eating sweet …
    im eating sweet chilli belly pork as we speak with the skin on yummmmmmmmmm

  25. Maangchi says:

    @Moodysid cool! …
    @Moodysid cool! can’t wait to see the photo! 🙂

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