Is some high-quality Chinese food a good weekly splurge meal?

Every Wednesday, my family orders Chinese from a family-owned restaurant that has been the gem of my town for over eighty years. They make everything fresh from scratch, and I usually have about half a container (How much are those little white boxes? A quart?) of sweet and sour chicken, chop suey, moo shiu pork… whichever strikes my fancy that night. Reason would tell me that a couple of egg foo young patties once a week would beat some piled pizza slices… Am I right?

The white boxes come in a variety of sizes, and the largest ones are probably a quart. Chinese food can somewhat high in calories, but it depends on what and how much you eat. Are you saying you only eat one type of Chinese food a week or all of them? Pizza may be healthier than the types of Chinese food you listed. A couple slices of thin crust vegetable pizza is probably healthier than fried egg foo young or a sugary sweet and sour sauce. A healthier Chinese food would be steamed vegetables with steamed rice, but If you eat well the rest of the week then one meal of any food won’t hurt.