Is mechanically recovered turkey and pork, as in Wilkinger Frankfurters, of reasonable quality?

It doesn’t sound it but apparantly it is just meat seperated from the boneby a sieve

Alot of times the spray the carcases with high pressure water to remove all the traces of meat from the bone, and aside from the first persons answer, in sausage and hot dog processing they do not use organ meats as they can taint the flavour of the product, now some may blend several meats like pork, beef, chicken and turkey to extend there product economically, but no one uses unsanitary or other discarded parts, mainly as they do not cooked tender, cartilage, bone and other internal organs like tripe and other product need longer cooking times, and Hot dogs once stuffed into the removable casings are either smoked, washed in a smoked flavoured solution then steam cooked, removed from the casings and package, watch the Food Network show "UnWrapped" sometime they often show these products being made and will clear up and misconceptions you may have heard.

And in the UK they have much more strict food product laws than the US as the per EU dictation, I have had the hot dog sausages when I visit the Uk and find them quite pleasant, not as gummy as US frankfurters.