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How to play Pork and Beans on piano PART 1

Please “watch in high quality” (press HQ), as the standard quality blurs the text.

In this video I first show you the new letternames for the 5 black keys!

In PART 2 I review this section and add the chorus. It is the easiest tutorial on YouTube (viewers comment). See the video response.

Thanks to everyone who messaged me, but please include your email address, and leaving a video comment is nice too!

Duration : 0:4:38

26 thoughts on “How to play Pork and Beans on piano PART 1

  1. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    Thanks mate! Did …
    Thanks mate! Did you look at parts 2 and 3 as well?

  2. 2666679 says:

    This is the best …
    This is the best way of teaching i have seen, Congrats on discovering it… Learnt it very easy and very quick Thanks

  3. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    Very good!

    Now i …
    Very good!

    Now i play a harmonic minor scale with a key signature of 3 flats ascending one octave, but starting on the 5th degree, film it and play it backwards in the mirror, without sound. What do I appear to play?

  4. skisantafe says:

    left hand, Gm
    left hand, Gm

  5. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    If youre so smart, …
    If youre so smart, here is a little test. I play a D major chord on the piano with my right hand and take a picture. Then I look at the picture in the mirror. What hand and what chord appears to be played?

  6. skisantafe says:

    if it took you 12 …
    if it took you 12 years to notice that, your a idiot

  7. MaeveEstoque says:

    thats really nice. …
    thats really nice. what about the chorus?

  8. that7guy7in7the7bin says:

    intresting key …
    intresting key names, its wierd to me cuz ive always learnt it the normal way but i can see how that way could be easier

  9. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    Well, when I first …
    Well, when I first noticed the symmetry of ABCDEFG, I was 17 years old, so for the 12 years before that, I had NOT noticed it. Since then I have asked a lot of people whether they have noticed the symmetry, and about 90% have not.

    When you see a keyboard diagram, it is usually depicted as
    C_D_E, F_G_A_B, C
    (with _ _ and _ _ _
    being the black key groups of 2 and 3).

    In such a diagram, the symmetry of
    A_BC_D_EF_G is not at all obvious.

  10. mudgus says:

    Great tutorial.

    Great tutorial.
    Though I must say that most piano teachers and players must have noticed that ABCDEFG makes a symmetrical pattern. Even if you teach to start from C you must be pretty “Dumb with a capital D” 😉 not to notice it.

  11. DAponygirl135 says:

    thanks this helped …
    thanks this helped me alot cause i dont know how to read sheet music! =)

  12. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    Well they ARE named …
    Well they ARE named like this now’ BECAUSE I DISCOVERED IT!

    Spread it around the world!!!

  13. maganadaako says:

    hell i care about …
    i care about how freaky your initials are… hehe…. but are the black keys really named like that or u just made it up?!

  14. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    I did a survey at a …
    I did a survey at a conference of piano teachers, and believe it or not, DUDE, most piano players and piano teachers have NOT noticed that ABCDEFG makes a symmetrical pattern, because they all are taught to start from C. CDEFGAB is NOT symmetrical, and if you actually ASK piano players this question you will see that I am right. Of course anyone can see it WHEN I POINT IT OUT. The point is that not many have noticed it previously. NOW OFF.

  15. skisantafe says:

    HARDLY any piano …
    HARDLY any piano players have noticed that ABCDEFG makes a symmetrical pattern!!!????????????????!!! WTF! you are a complete idiot. dude anyone can see that, unless they are just Dumb with a capital D

  16. skisantafe says:

    um there are …
    um there are millions of videos on youtube. and your voice is annoying.

  17. skisantafe says:

    i agree, this IS …
    i agree, this IS for retards

  18. notlukemertes says:

    Then why are you …
    Then why are you looking on youtube?

  19. skisantafe says:

    wow, you are gay. i …
    wow, you are gay. i dont need a basic piano lesson

  20. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    This is naming …
    This is naming notes according to traditional notation. The problem is that when you play on the piano, how do you decide which name to give it? I like to simply give each sound -each piano key – its own lettername. This makes the black keys seem no longer mysterious or difficult. And people argue too much about F# and Gb being different, when they are clearly the same thing, the black key K on the piano.

  21. ExpressStaveNotation says:

    So do you mean that …
    So do you mean that anyone can learn from this tutorial? Which is good …

  22. KlipNuf894 says:

    wow this is for …
    wow this is for retards…

  23. CullenBabe666 says:

    that is awesome
    that is awesome

  24. krazysmurf911 says:

    well something …
    well something before a letter (such as b) would be a flat. so B flat. and then a black key after a white key is a sharp. so c sharp for example.

  25. twanmon13 says:

    it sounds better on …
    it sounds better on guitar if you convert it

  26. RoBji senza_Quorum says:

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