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How to Make Restaurant Quality Baby Back Ribs

Learn how to make restaurant-quality baby back ribs ribs using our Rib Kit. They fully cook in your oven then finish on your grill. They are delicious!!!

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26 thoughts on “How to Make Restaurant Quality Baby Back Ribs

  1. YogiBearIsMyFriend says:

    This is a great way …
    This is a great way to cook ribs, tried it turned out great but sorry im not gonnna waste my 7 bucks on a rib kit when i can get great rub and sauce from a famous smokehouse near by for a mear 3 dollars otherwise thanks for cookin tips but i did not use plastic rap because it could melt if not careful instead 2 layers of aluminum foil to ensure it was seeled GREAT

  2. williamsonhouse says:

    @carllos25 ~315 to …
    @carllos25 ~315 to 325 F

  3. carllos25 says:

    at what temperature …
    at what temperature did you cook the ribs in the oven?

  4. rpm41 says:

    @YankeeSlayer69 I …
    @YankeeSlayer69 I always do 3 racks. No change in time is necessary.

  5. kabsgsp says:

    fukkkk yeeeeah

    fukkkk yeeeeah
    did them .and they came out super goood

    thankxx-__- dont use plastic wrap

  6. Crowrocker71 says:

    Looks so good!
    Looks so good!

  7. bm5447 says:

    @williamsonhouse I …
    @williamsonhouse I agree I would only boil my ribs if I wanted rib flavored soup! Because essentially you would be making pork stock and then just pouring it down the drain!

  8. YankeeSlayer69 says:

    @williamsonhouse …
    @williamsonhouse That sounds extremely logical, thanks for the advice!

  9. jessbeebee says:

    hi, williamsonhouse …
    hi, williamsonhouse!!!!!!!!!!!! dont wrape food with plastic with high temprature, that will kill you………………..poison

  10. williamsonhouse says:

    @YankeeSlayer69 Do …
    @YankeeSlayer69 Do you first boil, for example, your rib eye steak? Then why boil your ribs? You’re just boiling away all those great natural flavors that then gets dumped down the drain, leaving you with a bland piece of meat.

  11. YankeeSlayer69 says:

    Hei! I see in …
    Hei! I see in another recipe that a chef boils the racks instead of baking them, do you know if there is a huge diference between cooking methods? Im gonna do them this weekend! so I want them to be good. thanks!

  12. williamsonhouse says:

    @YankeeSlayer69 Not …
    @YankeeSlayer69 Not a problem with 3 racks. The cooking time should still be the same. I’ve cooked 9 racks before (think I increased the time ~20 minutes on that one). And thanks for the nice comment…let me know how they turn out!

  13. YankeeSlayer69 says:

    Hi! Is there a …
    Hi! Is there a problem if I bake in the oven more than one rib? lets say I want to bake 3 ribs as yours. Great vid! By far, this is the most easy and demostrative rib video I have seen. Thanks a lot.

  14. williamsonhouse says:

    @criptanizer Don’t …
    @criptanizer Don’t worry…you’ll be fine. I primarily wash just to get the ‘packing juice’ off the ribs.

  15. criptanizer says:

    @williamsonhouse …
    @williamsonhouse fudge sicles on ice
    i for got to wash them!!!!! seriously!!!!!
    is that oing to be bad?

  16. williamsonhouse says:

    @tk0880 Thank’s for …
    @tk0880 Thank’s for the comment. Glad they turned out …and sorry for making you the ‘family function’ cook :). My chicken wings video should be done shortly if you’re interested.

  17. tk0880 says:

    Made these for …
    Made these for father’s Day last weekend. I didn’t use the saran wrap, I just used heavy duty foil. Man O Man these ribs were excellent. I was a little skeptical when I brought them out the oven but once they hit the grill, they came out perfect. Falling off the bone! Everyone raved and people were evening fighting over leftovers. I was also told that from now on I will be cooking at all family functions and my menu must include these ribs! thanks

  18. Davidwhat says:

    @frita1113 lol.. …
    @frita1113 lol.. that’s not true. and i think it’d be obvious to clean up afterwards unless you’re just a pig…. lol the usda advises against it huh… nice!

  19. 456cooldog says:

    Two and a half …
    Two and a half hours is way too long! I cook my ribs in the grill for 30 minutes and they are delicious and juicy.

  20. BigJandthe40oz says:

    Plastic bro? come …
    Plastic bro? come on now

  21. bayman222 says:

    For those worried …
    For those worried about using platic wrap just use parchment paper. This is an excellent recipe!

  22. frita1113 says:

    Again….why do you …
    Again….why do you feel the need to rinse the ribs?
    (see post from 2 weeks ago)

  23. ondagawood says:

    No, no, no, PLASTIC …
    No, no, no, PLASTIC WRAP ! You can get the same results with just the foil ! 300 degrees is too high.

  24. monkeyman2o11 says:

    ohhh that helps ill …
    ohhh that helps ill just run to the store and get some red sauce!

  25. chadhat says:

    This is very good
    This is very good

  26. LogEx says:

    this is the thread that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friend, Mike started it not knowing what it was, and it’ll keep on going no matter what just because this is the thread that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friend, Mike started it…..

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