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How to make Pork adobo and garlic fried rice

This is a simple, cheap, delicious filipino pork adobo, you may also use chicken or you can put both. Garlic fried rice and egg is a good combination with this dish. Enjoy the show ^_^

DISCLAIMER: Since FTC have a new law, I just want to make it clear that I bought and purchase everything that I use/own on this video, NON of the products are given to me for advertisement or for any commercial use. I spent my own money for everything you will see on this video.

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10 thoughts on “How to make Pork adobo and garlic fried rice

  1. theeverydaykhate says:

    MISSION ACCOMPLISH wooohooo!!!
    thats exactly what im trying to do whenever i make videos to make people hungry ^__^

  2. parkerkimm says:

    Oh god..the …
    Oh god..the presentation of the food in the end makes me so hungry … why i even watch this video…i love video and I like the dry style – not the soupy kind..yours is fantastic….

  3. ironmaiden0902 says:

    y dont u show us a …
    y dont u show us a dish made from another world … adobo is very local

  4. theeverydaykhate says:

    Ya …

    Ya i know its good ^_^

  5. ironmaiden0902 says:

    tomatoe ? hahaha
    tomatoe ? hahaha

  6. matthershman says:

    sawdust? then its …
    sawdust? then its better safe than sorry. thanks!

  7. theeverydaykhate says:

    to …

    to make sure your meat is clean because we dont know how they packed the meat, and before people could find sawdust on their food even though now they said packing places do a good job. I say a quick rinse wouldn’t hurt. ^_^

  8. matthershman says:

    why do you wash the …
    why do you wash the meat in cold water before cooking? looks yummy 😉

  9. Ph0t0graffiti says:

    This is just too …
    This is just too awesome… I’m in love. lol

  10. iamkikay says:

    OMG that looks so …
    OMG that looks so good! =) i subbed you

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