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Have Fun Wine Tasting

You can easily detect a genuine wine expert by the way he handles the wine in terms of smelling and tasting it and not merely just drinking the wine. Anybody can drink wine but it takes a lot of experience to taste wine.

Wines have become a staple feature of every household during meal times, particularly when they are eating red meat. Red meats like pork or beef roasts are best with red wines. On the other hand, white meats like fish and chicken are better with white whine.

There are a thousand and one varieties, or type of wines depending on the vineyard where they were grown as well as the type of grapes they are made of. It takes experience and a real romance with wine to be able to distinguish its characteristics just by smelling and tasting. 

Basically, wines that have been stored properly should taste smooth. Wines that taste off or stale are either not of good quality or they were stored improperly and their corks tainted.

So how should you taste wine? Wines should be tasted by swishing the wine in your mouth, allowing your taste buds to perceive the flavor and taste of the wine. While the act of tasting makes uses of your tongue, a person’s sense of smell actually does most of the detection. Both a person’s sense of taste and sense of smell should be used when tasting wines.

While the two senses are indeed very important tools in determining a wine’s quality, the physical appearance of the wine is equally important. You can get a better look at a wine’s appearance and color by pouring them in a clear glass and look through it using a white table cloth or other white background.

If wines are generally red or white, then why do we have to study their colors? White wines are actually not perfectly white because their color ranges from yellow to brown and green. White wines with darker colors have more flavor and are older. While aging improves the flavor of red wines, this doesn’t hold true for white wines which may go bad with time. Red wines that are lighter in color are older. You will be able to examine a red wine’s age by tilting a glass with red wine, allowing some to settle on the glass rim, and examining its color. When the color of the wine that settles on the glass rim is brownish, then it has been aged.

Wine experts also swirl the wine to observe how it moves in the glass. A wine that swirls nicely wine may mean it has a higher sweetness and alcohol content.

While the taste of wine is generally subjective as it depends on a persons taste and preferences, wine connoisseurs follow specific guidelines in wine tasting. Being able to taste and smell wine the right way can certainly to the pleasure of drinking them.

Jerry Shannon

11 thoughts on “Have Fun Wine Tasting

  1. bkstar says:

    Good appetizers to have a a wine tasting party?
    For my birthday, I am going to have a Wine Tasting party. I don’t want to limit appetizers to cheese varieties. What are good appetizers to have at a wine tasting party. By the way, I will have some cheese to pair with the wine. I am open to good cheese suggestions, also. Thanks.

  2. Grapes says:

    At one wine party I attended, they were serving a spinach dip with crackers. It was very good and it complimented the wine.
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  3. loco-mama says:

    I went to a commercial wine tasting recently and they had used cookie cutters to cut the cheese in little flower shapes and stars, kind of cool. I would have a large selection of cheeses – chedders, swiss, havarti etc. I would also serve fruits such as melon varieties, apples, pears, (nothing too sweet unless you are serving something really dry). Also crackers and maybe something chocolate.
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  4. udokno says:

    you could do a fondue and offer different things to dip. Pears, apples, red grapes, steamed broccoli, steamed asparagus, cubes of ham, pumpernickel bread, rye bread, ciabatta bread and dry bread sticks are a few of my suggestions. I have a great recipe for fondue. if you’d like it just ask here or message me.
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  5. griffyn10941 says:

    go with regional themes. If you are tasting sake try sushi. If italian wines, mini meatballs, californian try a california style pizza cut into mini pieces. If french, just skip the food and cop an attitude.
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  6. suckafree says:

    get some crab meat and bacon, roll the crab meat up in the strip of bacon so it makes a little roll, or whatever then stick a toothpick through it so it stays then put them in the oven, when the bacon is crisp it’s done. It’s hella good. Hillshire farms Lil’ Smokies are excellent choice for wine tasting!! Or you could always go ghetto and bust out with the saltines!!
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  7. G says:

    proteins are good with wines — thats why you match wine to your meat at dinner. you can do an infinite number of meat stuffed kinds of things. a little spiced sausage stuffed in a fig or mushroom cap — or try wrapping a small strip of procuitto around a cantelope ball and skewer it with a toothpick.

    i am really keen on salty — good olives, cheap caviar, deviled quail eggs — yum.

    a classic spanish tapas that never fails to impress is a tortilla espana — you slice a small onion and 2 small potatoes really thin and fry them til cooked and a little brown. pour in 4 eggs beaten and cook it like an omlette. slide it out on a plate to flip it over and cook the other side. after it cools some cut it in little square and stick a toothpick in it. if it comes out kind of sloppy stick it on a cracker and put a couple fresh oregano leaves on top. a little creativity goes a long way.
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  8. stacie m says:

    I love wine and cheese.
    I would serve all varieties of cheese, and all varieties of sausage.
    A great selection of crackers and breads..
    Also maybe some dips.
    It might be nice to add some foreign beers. (they are alot like wine) It would make your party very wide spread.

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  9. sexy covergirl 101 says:

    some cheedar cheese is always good but also strawberrises and french bread works
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  10. Rina Wang says:

    The appetizers that you are to serve really depends on the wines that you are offering for tastings. You can serve pates, sausages, meat, ham, some crackers or even simple baguette.

    Same with the cheeses. The type of wine , sparkling or champagne will dictate the kinds of cheeses that you can serve. To be safe, I suggest you serve some matured cheddar, Double Gloucester, brie, fontina, and gorgonzola.

    If you intend to serve port , then you have to have English Stilton.

    And, oh, don’t forget the almonds too……
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  11. host431 says:

    In addition to the International cheese plate, which is typical of wine-tasting events, try to incorporate a variety of finger foods and hors d’oevres.

    With italian wines, how about some italian meatballs skewered with toothpics? Fondue would be excellent to accompany a French wine – or pate would work, too.

    I’ve seen mini beef wellingtons served as well as spanikopita so it really depends on your budget and preference. But I’ve always been a fan of many choices.

    And don’t forget the cheese!
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