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Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus, lyrics by Joni Mitchell. Live performance of the San Francisco School Of The Arts Latin Advanced Jazz Combo directed by Melecio Magdaluyo, Vocals by Natalie Cressman. Contact SFSOTA for high quality audio and video.

Duration : 0:8:9

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

  1. pjerrett says:

    she sure is!!!!!!
    she sure is!!!!!!

  2. BlixsemFleerSneuw says:

    Over the last 3 …
    Over the last 3 decades, Joni Mitchell has gotten quite a lot of crap for doing jazz. That Mingus himself asked her to do his songs seems to have escaped the attention of these ‘purists’. I want to thank these talented young folk for validating Mitchell’s work here. It ought not be necessary, but it is.

  3. billyhotrod7 says:

    Quelle angoisse ca …
    Quelle angoisse ca sent le jazz renfermé, le morceau de Mingus est si beau, si humain..

  4. sabueso32 says:

    Excellent singing. …
    Excellent singing. Not an easy song to sing on. Great performance overall.

  5. railcar123 says:

    Wow shes good…and …
    Wow shes good…and so is the band!

  6. gilouseb says:


  7. GratefuLSD says:

    see ya on trey tour …
    see ya on trey tour!!!

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