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GI Joe PSA Spoofs by FenslerFilm (Best Quality Version HQ)

This upload is the original Public Service Announcements spoofs as parodied by Fenslerfilm.

This video was converted from an original large format 720×480 MPEG-2 that I dug up on the FENSLERFILM website years ago. The 2nd generation format is 640×480 2-PASS VBR DIVX 4.12, with upsampled 48kHz audio, for “breathing” room. Watch in HQ for best results.

There is no higher quality version on Youtube or anywhere I’ve seen.

“Body Massage”
“Porkchop Sandwiches”
“Your Got Sacked”
“Help Computer”

Sorry I am not more descriptive about episode origin, but I will update later. Enjoy.

Duration : 0:2:15

23 thoughts on “GI Joe PSA Spoofs by FenslerFilm (Best Quality Version HQ)

  1. megustalaverde says:

    ahhhh no …
    ahhhh no wassup dog

  2. NegaHaze says:

    i dont know much …
    i dont know much about computas, cept the one we got at home my mom putta couple games on there- ASHUSFHASHSAHSHAHADG

  3. smurk143 says:

    CLASSIC naissss…
    CLASSIC naissss…

  4. icecreamcakeandpiex says:

    Aww no wassup …
    Aww no wassup dawg?

  5. FearoftheDomoKun says:

    It’s …

    It’s “Served”.

  6. DJJuxtapose says:

    Dude – do you have …
    Dude – do you have the high quality version of ALL the videos?

  7. cumbustable1 says:


  8. Anton338 says:

    @Navcap AHAH * …
    @Navcap AHAH *FACEPALM

  9. sshsgrad2004 says:


  10. niggaplease1219 says:

    Hey kid!, Im a …
    Hey kid!, Im a computer! Stop downloading!

  11. Navcap says:

    you not cooking!

    you not cooking!
    yeah i do!
    uhh! ba ba bababa baba ba ba ba!
    oh shit! get the outa here! it’s a- what are you doing?- go, get the outa here, you stupid idiots! fuck, we’re all dead! get the out!
    my god, did that smell good!
    detectiv. this is no going. and you tell me do things. i don’t runnin-

  12. TheSloanster says:

    lmfao ahahah 0:41 …
    lmfao ahahah 0:41 to 0:52 ahahahaha

  13. sagat1916120 says:

    ROFL i wish i was a …
    ROFL i wish i was a fireman id use that quote when theres a fire lol

  14. dhthomas102 says:

    Hahaha, I love the …
    Hahaha, I love the fire scene starting at :37 so much

  15. halofan332 says:

    Thank God someone …
    Thank God someone made this, the quality on these usually sucks. Thanks.

  16. Droosch says:

    1:50 to 1:56 is …
    1:50 to 1:56 is hilarious

  17. spliefer says:

    Fuck, we’re all …
    Fuck, we’re all dead! Get the outta here!

  18. JDMATRIX says:

    LMAFO funny shit
    LMAFO funny shit

  19. Beck436 says:

    i want someone to …
    i want someone to take me to the hospital.

    you sure about that?

  20. jaramithemonkey says:

    who wants a body …
    who wants a body massage?

  21. Heinrich1122 says:

    1:10 to 1:14 …
    1:10 to 1:14 funniest laugh in the world

  22. Heinrich1122 says:

    this was funny
    this was funny

  23. D0llySh0t says:

    My god did that …
    My god did that smell good. This upload makes my giny tickle…

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