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Gex: Enter the Gecko OST – Mooshoo Pork

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Duration : 0:3:55

25 thoughts on “Gex: Enter the Gecko OST – Mooshoo Pork

  1. alowlifegamer says:

    @scorptatious lol i …
    @scorptatious lol i know wtf is up with that?

  2. Zanabar828 says:

    @scorptatious I …
    @scorptatious I know that tickes me off to no end. >:[

  3. Epscylon says:

    This boss always …
    This boss always scared the crap outta me. Don’t know why.

  4. scorptatious says:

    I can’t believe …
    I can’t believe this is the only Gex game not on the PSN. It was my favorite. 🙁

  5. MrSirSteffan says:

    Where is the “full’ …
    Where is the “full’ version? All three variants in speed?

  6. EchoBoomer1987 says:

    I always had a …
    I always had a sudden craving for chinese food when playing this boss : /

  7. boemchak says:

    when you kill him …
    when you kill him you get pork and milk as reward:)

  8. ANGELILLS says:

    loving da dige!!!!! …
    loving da dige!!!!!!!!!!! whahaha!

  9. trextrex65 says:

    BGM works whit the …
    BGM works whit the evils cowboys

  10. UKkid19 says:


  11. larewwedxhhh19 says:

    Hes one tough son …
    Hes one tough son of a bitch

  12. UKkid19 says:

    lol 😀
    lol 😀

  13. vaultdude269 says:

    this theme isnt in …
    this theme isnt in the n64 version…-_-

  14. Souchiroheartless says:

    that bosss give me …
    that bosss give me the creeps back then

  15. thehiprockermon says:

    Oh yeah!
    Oh yeah!

  16. supercaraged says:

    this is what …
    this is what hillbilly’s will make in the year 2050.

  17. Pokeking45 says:

    mooshoo pork: get …
    mooshoo pork: get in my belly!

  18. shadowhasacookie says:

    It’s a ho-down!
    It’s a ho-down!

  19. MadDDR says:

    Hoo Hoo hohohoho!

    Hoo Hoo hohohoho!
    Hoo Hoo hohohoho!

  20. glubwartfire1 says:

    wow you can kill …
    wow you can kill himthen have some bacon and a glass of milk!

  21. chdata says:

    i remember playing …
    i remember playing gex 2 and 3 alot but i could only rent it. I really wanted to try 1 too.

  22. SandJosieph says:

    It’s got a kind of …
    It’s got a kind of techno hill-billy feel to it.

  23. Pitbull0619 says:

    this boss was scary …
    this boss was scary. this is a really good game

  24. BKpianist says:

    The the part with …
    The the part with the therimin reminds me of Banjo-Kazooie

  25. hopeonelove says:

    i love this game! …
    i love this game! thank you so much for posting the song!

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