Egg burps? I think I’ve found an answer.. What do you think?

I’ve been struggling with fininding a reason why every once in a while I would get these nasty egg burps and then a few hours later vomit, and then immediately feel better. Well, I narrowed it down to fast food. ANY time I ate anything burger-like from one of any fast food places I used to go to, the next day I’d feel horrible. I’d have incessant egg burps, nausea, sometimes diarhhea, and then vomiting which would make me feel %100 better. I stopped eating fast food, and I’ve felt just amazing. Until two nights ago, I made a recipe that called for ground beef. It was %20 fat, but I thought since I made it at home I’d be fine. No sir. I was not fine. All yesterday I experienced the hideous burps and then hours later I finally threw up and felt fine. I think this problem has to do specifically with low-quality animal products with high pork and beef fat. I don’t have the pain or other symtoms people complain of with gall bladder problems. I think its an animal fat intolerance.
Is there any proof of people being allergic to the hormones animals are fed?

I get rotten egg burps if I eat anything containing poultry. It can be lean chicken breast and the result is the same. For me, I don’t vomit, I run to the bathroom a dozen times. I do this for three days in a row. That is just from one or two bites of chicken. Honey, beets, cherries, and eggs affect me the same way.