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Dumplings in NYC?

I am a dumpling fanatic, particulary pork gyoza, shrimp shumai and pierogies. Does anyone know where to find the highest quality, most delicious dumplings (price doesn’t matter) possible in NYC? Thanks.

Mandoo on West 32nd Street right off Fifth Avenue

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  1. and so says:

    king’s rest has the best
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  2. married2004 says:

    The Dumpling Man. Located on St MArks between 1st & A. It’s this little hole in the wall, but the dumplings are FANTASTIC! Made fresh while you wait.
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  3. gormenghast10014 says:

    Mandoo on West 32nd Street right off Fifth Avenue
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  4. lou says:

    The Dumpling Man!
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  5. Stephanie S says:

    You can try japanese restaurants i know there are many of them in manhatten all over the place! and even though some can be pricey its worth it they taste really delicious!
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  6. indyjim says:

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  7. BlueBox says:

    well in that case you have GOT to try the (crab meat) soup dumplings at joe’s shanghai in chinatown. they’re famous for that.
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  8. Ryan H says:

    Rickshaw Dumpling Bar
    61 W. 23rd
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  9. canonyau says:

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  11. Picchio says:

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  13. Lovely photos. I’d never tried spaghetti squash until I found it at the CSA we bought into last fall. I roasted it, but it just didn’t do much for me. But adding sausage (as seen here) seems like another reason to try it.

  14. rspeed says:

    What surprised you? It’s owned by some guy in NYC.

  15. Glenn T. says:

    Chicago is very similar to NYC but just a bit smaller. Although Chicago has a fair share of immigrant groups it is not as diverse as NYC in that area. If one closed thier eyes in downtown Chicago they'd think they were in NYC by the sounds. Chicago is also called the second city for it is just behind NYC in most things. That's not a dig to Chicago but just a historical fact. Chicago is a great town nonetheless.

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