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Do you think that a Kosher diet is better for you?

Isn’t kosher meat supposed to have no fillers?
And isn’t usually better quality, since its a higher pricing. ?
And pork and pig is usually bad for you, or at least the way we make it. Do you think keeping it out of your diet (kosher) is good for you too?

Scientific proof please? Like info about fats, fillers. Thanks

Kosher is preparation, other than no swine the food isn’t any better or worse.

9 thoughts on “Do you think that a Kosher diet is better for you?

  1. Michael R says:

    Kosher is to a degree.
    But it weakens us, in the sense of our defenses.
    Our body can only protect us from things it knows it needs to… thats why imunisations were created.

    MMM take-aways 😀
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  2. babyd2626 says:

    I think Kosher is just a religious thing. I dont believe in it.
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  3. abyssofmymind says:

    I like Bacon.
    I like Pork Chops.
    I like Pork Scratchings.
    also Mmmmmm Sausages…..

    It’s not what we eat, but Our lifestyles that dominate how healthy we are. Our diet is but part of a whole.
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  4. Green says:

    No, a Vegan diet is the best!
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  5. cheir says:

    Probably – but have you tasted its bread?
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  6. DeSiReE says:

    Nah, forget primitive religious hocus pocus when it comes to diet. Lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat, low sugar, avoid soda, get plenty of exercise and you’ll have no worries.
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  7. allonyoav says:

    Medically? In some ways in that many allergens are avoided (no shell fish means no iodine allergies get activated etc) and some other parasites etc are avoided. However, with modern sanitation etc it is unlikely to be any healthier than a non-kosher diet.

    The reason for the higher pricing is because it is a slower and more intensive form of slaughtering than for the non-kosher market. The meat has to be salted and drained and the internal organs checked (if they are diseased and the animal would have died from the disease naturally, the animal is not kosher. The meat may be perfectly safe to eat but it is not ksher- in some ways kosher standards are far stricter then the normal governmental regulations).

    However, kosher is not about physical health, but spiritual well being- so the fact that it may or not be healthier than a non-Kosher diet is irrelevant.
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  8. DJ says:

    Look at the book "The Makers Diet" by Jordan Rubin. He talks about Biblical eating and has personal experience about how changing his diet kept him from dying.

    I think part of what makes a meat Kosher is how it is killed – the meat has to be bled out, the blood can’t sit in the meat – which it a sanitary issue because blood cleanses the body of toxins, so if you let the dirty blood sit in the meat, the toxins contaminates the meat itself – while if you drain the blood from the meat, the meat has less much fewer toxins in it and I think keeps better.

    Many of the dietary laws of the Old Testament have actually been shown to be good sanitary practices.
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  9. Dr. Zapp says:

    Kosher is preparation, other than no swine the food isn’t any better or worse.
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