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Chinese Dumpling Making : Delicious Recipe (HD Quality)

Ellen Huang demonstrates the way to make Chinese Pork Dumplings. Kathir Vel and team follow and help her. Nice video with a faint chinese song playing in the background.

How to make dumplings, eat with chop sticks, make dumpling dipping sauce, enjoy good food, cook with friends.

Duration : 0:5:57

25 thoughts on “Chinese Dumpling Making : Delicious Recipe (HD Quality)

  1. aznkillerd says:

    how do you make the …
    how do you make the sauce??

  2. SuPaFlY171989 says:

    Im going for …
    Im going for chinese tomorrow and this will be the first thing I get! Fried or steamed, they’re so…damn…good. :’)

  3. dogstyle2222 says:

    The white guys got …
    The white guys got owned by the folding

  4. nat112875 says:

    So, how is this a …
    So, how is this a recipe exactly?

  5. xoxocandice17xoxo says:

    i love steamed …
    i love steamed chinese dumplings.
    i just bought some today and it is soooo good with the sauce!

  6. bachboy111 says:

    wow, you almost …
    wow, you almost never see people make the dough from scratch.

  7. wisnu198 says:

    to make clear skin, …
    to make clear skin, i think we can use tang mien flour

  8. vkathirvel says:

    Awesome taste and …
    Awesome taste and experience. Cooking with friends! I fry the dumplings after they are boiled.

  9. chudog215 says:

    Awesome video.. …
    Awesome video..Making homemade dumplings skins is superior to any store bought items for sure..:)

  10. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    why do u make …
    why do u make wrapping dumplings so hard?

  11. cocksprayonme says:

    hello now i know …
    hello now i know how to fold the dumpling, how to cook it? recipe????

  12. russellreal says:

    It IS yellow.. but …
    It IS yellow.. but when you cook it it turns sort of clearlike.. thats how you know it’s done cooking 🙂 well.. when you boil it, idk about frying 🙂

  13. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    its not that hard …
    its not that hard pleating the dumpling 0:35 u made it look as if it was a challenge.. yes but its darn simple.. just fold them if you dont know how to pleat them

  14. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    what flour do you …
    what flour do you use? everytime i use all purpose flour it turns yellowy

  15. elansvc says:

    2 cups all purpose …
    2 cups all purpose flour, a pinch of salt 1 cup of boiling water. Stir with fork until shaggy and when cool enough to handle knead for five minutes. Allow to rest at room temp for 20 minute or so and roll..

  16. Aprilshowersss says:


  17. missussundippd says:

    <3 the vid, what’s …
    <3 the vid, what’s the name of the song playing in the background?

  18. BlackDarkAngel96 says:

    Beautiful would you …
    Beautiful would you mind letting me know what song was playing? Great video!

  19. BlackDarkAngel96 says:

    Very nice video, …
    Very nice video, the song sounded beautiful.

  20. zhzhzh5 says:

    actully u dont have …
    actully u dont have to be a pro its very easy

  21. zhzhzh5 says:

    the dough is just …
    the dough is just flour + water, rowed in to strips the pulled of in to balls then use the stick to make the flate. the fillings r bacitly thing u want and oil

  22. wantanmien says:

    I have made 2 …
    I have made 2 videos about chinese dumplings. I also posted recipes how to make the dough and the filling. just check the videos.

  23. wantanmien says:


    the dough is …

    the dough is very easy to make. I have made 2 vids about chinese dumplings too. and I posted the complete recipe in english and chinese in the description. There you can also read how to make the dough.

  24. Barrairo says:

    i think you just …
    i think you just buy them, unless ur a pro

  25. isoluvmylife says:

    the dough recipe is …
    the dough recipe is just flour,salt and water simple!

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