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Chilli Pork Spare Ribs Part 2 – Ken Hom – BBC

Part two of two. Chef Ken Hom shows how to cook Chilli Pork Spare Ribs. Great clip from BBC show Ken Hom’s Cookery. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcworldwide

Duration : 0:2:57

16 thoughts on “Chilli Pork Spare Ribs Part 2 – Ken Hom – BBC

  1. a5a22406 says:

    Man, these ribs …
    Man, these ribs look yummy. But, I would love to see whole recipe shown.


  2. djbro16 says:

    way to show us half …
    way to show us half the recipe BBC,.. ya doosh

  3. Zoroasterrrr says:

    @whufee That’s it …
    @whufee That’s it arm the nuke

  4. whufee says:

    @Zoroasterrrr you …
    @Zoroasterrrr you should ask your dad, sorry i forgot you are son of bitch, sorry

  5. Zoroasterrrr says:

    @whufee I didn’t …
    @whufee I didn’t eat the 200 year old #$#! master sauce, so who is the #@!$ eater now?

  6. whufee says:

    @Zoroasterrrr fk …
    @Zoroasterrrr fk you dick head, eater

  7. lepesf0129 says:

    Where’s the …
    Where’s the chipotle chili

  8. Zoroasterrrr says:

    @alcyonae that’s …
    @alcyonae that’s where swine flu came from…..

  9. alcyonae says:

    I don’t quite get …
    I don’t quite get it. Reusing the sauce for over a hundred years?!
    That sounds terribly unhygienic… despite the freezing and boiling.
    pieces of meat are definitely remaining in the sauce

  10. blk24ga says:

    where did he buy …
    where did he buy the spare ribs? looks kinda bone-nee

  11. gulas0000 says:

    aw btw thats ken …
    aw btw thats ken hom? i remember him from teleshop add on wok from tv 😀

  12. gulas0000 says:

    mmmmmmmm *drools* …
    mmmmmmmm *drools* looks good

  13. SAMLAD2k6 says:

    3rd (carry on …
    3rd (carry on everybody) lets all be stupid.

  14. Timurchin1 says:

    hmmm im hungry
    hmmm im hungry

  15. choyfunky23 says:

    c”,) 2nd
    c”,) 2nd

  16. godserens says:

    FIRST@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ …

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