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Vigiluccis Restaurant Group in San Diego CA

Visit one of Vigilucci’s nine locations in San DIego County from Oceanside to Coronado and enjoy menu highlights including pasta dishes, savory veal, chicken, prime steak and seafood paired with award-winning wine lists. Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group also offers full-service catering with customized menus and staff to suit every occasion and group size. Buon Appetito!

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  2. Ezl says:

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  3. John Scepanski says:

    Once when I was in San Diego, a commentator on the radio said something about standing on a bridge and counting the U-Haul trailers going each way on a freeway going in and out of the city. Later, while at the San Diego Police Department Crime Analysis Unit watching them do multi-variated regression analysis of crime in San Diego, I mentioned what I'd heard on the radio. The guys there said it was how they gauged migration to and from San Diego and by extrension the Land of Sunshine and Hope (and movie stars in LA). Go figger.

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  7. rahmanrosli says:

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