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Quail, Veal Chops, Bread Pudding

Sweet and Sour Quail Peruvian

Style — Chef Stan Frankenthaler,

East Coast Grill, Boston MA

Veal Chops — Chef Gerard Crozier,

Crozier’s, New Orleans LA

Bread Pudding — Chef Richard Chamberlain,

Chamberlain’s Prime Chop House, Dallas TX


Duration : 0:22:30

2 thoughts on “Quail, Veal Chops, Bread Pudding

  1. emolovesbam says:

    This first guys …
    This first guys voice really bothered me. But still enjoyable to watch.

  2. Bhaile08 says:

    lol you obviously …
    lol you obviously don’t know anything about cuisines..research butter sauces which were originated in France. Americans didn’t invent a heart diseased diet..we’ve simply popularized it

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