Food Study Number eight?

15. Lower grades of beef and veal
A. are leaner than higher grades
B. have more fat than higher grades
C. are considered prime
D. None of these

17. Variety meats are
A. meats from animals other than cattle, sheep, or hogs
B. processed meats
C. the organs of an animal

19. Cured meats are perserved by adding
A. salt and sodium nitrite
B. bacteria
C. sugar and spices

20. Which of the following statements about poultry is NOT true?
A. small birds cost more per pound than larger birds.
B. plump birds will give the most serving per pound
C. whole birds cost more per pound than parts

22. Fish Fillets are
A. crosswise slices of a dressed fish
B. the sides of a dressed fish
C. wide strips of breaded and frozen fish

23. The parasite that causes trichinosis is found in
A. raw fish
B. the muscles of some pigs
C. undercooked eggs
D. the connective tissue of beef

If you post your answers and the reason you chose them,
I’ll be more than happy to check them.

~ Mitch ~