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Fleishers Grass-fed Meats on Diary of a Foodie

Founded by Joshua and Jessica Applestone in June 2004, Fleisher’s, has become a Kingston and now with its newest addition, a Rhinebeck, NY destination. Known for its prime cuts of beef, pork, lamb and veal and its house-made nitrate-free bacon, heritage hams and homemade sausages, pastured eggs, artisanal cheese and local, organic produce-making it a one-stop shopping experience.

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3 thoughts on “Fleishers Grass-fed Meats on Diary of a Foodie

  1. takadi says:

    The only problem …
    The only problem with 100% grassfed steaks is that you CANNOT do it welldone. There is just not enough fat to make it tender enough.

  2. BillyJHoward says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for promoting naturally raised beef. Its a better lifestyle for the animals because they are pastured and live within a herd environment like they are supposed to. On the same pastures for their entire life. Grass fed cattle live longer and happier lives because they are allowed to gain lean muscle at their own pace without steroids. The result is happier animals living longer peaceful lives and a safer better tasting product once they are brought to a local market such as yours.

  3. caramimi says:

    bravo to you! your …
    bravo to you! your place looks amazing, and i love your philosophy.

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