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Lamb Chops with Balsamic Basil Glaze

How to make lamb chops with a Balsamic Basil Glaze. See more at http://www.thetastespot.com

Duration : 0:4:30

5 thoughts on “Lamb Chops with Balsamic Basil Glaze

  1. yummeo says:

    great video tony!
    great video tony!

  2. MisterTymes says:

    Nice job..lamb …
    Nice job..lamb still carries a nice price in the store/..I thought the recipe needs some veggies on the plate–Bell Pepper/corn(off the cob)..maybe a fruit salsa.

  3. ojawall says:

    hi hi
    hi hi

  4. CodedDude says:

    i’m gonna have to …
    i’m gonna have to try this one out. too bad my gf doesn’t enjoy lamb as much as me….

  5. TheVittleVlog says:

    Looks good, awesome …
    Looks good, awesome glaze!

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