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Whole Rib-Eye, also called prime-rib

This is a whole rib-eye (approx. 13-14lbs) If you buy it whole, and you, yourself cut it up, or most of the good meatmarkets will slice and wrap it free for you!! Rib-eye is one of the best steaks you can buy!! excellent flavor and tenderness, it can be cut into steaks, or roasts, or a combo of each.

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  1. irishbrosme says:

    should be no BLOOD
    should be no BLOOD

  2. manny01261963 says:


  3. MaineMeatMarkets says:

    You can save lots …
    You can save lots of money, buying the whole primal!!

  4. kzarr says:

    WTH sammy , meanin what Cc

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