What’s the difference between Beef Tenderloin and Prime Rib?

Or are they the same thing?
If they are different, is it best to use a different method of cooking for each one?

The Tenderloins are located on either side of the spine and are different cut of meat than the rib. The rib roast or "prime rib is between ribs 6-12. The Tenderloins are located further back on the cow. If you slice a "prime rib" you will get "ribeye" steaks. These steaks tend to have a higher fat content and are considered the mos flavorful of steaks. When you slice the Tenderloin you end up with "Filet Mignon" which is a much leaner and more tender cut of meat.

Both Tenderloin and prime rib are Delicious when roasted whole. they can both be cut in to steaks and are best grilled when in steak form.