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South Korea says it may rework a US beef deal

Anna Chan:
South Korea’s prime minister says he’s left the door open to revising a U.S. beef import deal. Many believe that Seoul agreed to the pact to please Washington… despite safety concerns. We now go to
Seoul for more.

Next Thursday South Korea resumes quarantine inspections on all cuts of U.S. beef from animals of any age. No U.S. beef has been imported here since 2003 following an outbreak of mad cow disease.

South Korea’s government says they will be watching the imports carefully.

[Han Seung-soo, South Korean Prime Minister]:
“We will suspend the beef imports (from the U.S.) if our people’s health is in danger with an outbreak of mad cow disease in America.”

Last month South Korea agreed to open its market to American beef.

South Koreans have taken to the streets in protest. They’ve been listening to the quickly spreading rumors that products such as diapers and cosmetics may pose a risk for mad cow disease because beef products are used in their production.

The government says U.S. beef is safe. To help prove their claims they brought in scientists to knock down some of the claims.

South Korea used to be the third-largest import market for U.S. beef.

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