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Scavenger Hunt: Rise Of Prime Beef [Part Two]

Clarknor Productions presents…
Scavenger Hunt
Rise Of Prime Beef

With so little footage of their tasks, Prime Beef became an elusive team. From what was available, this film arose documenting the rise of Prime Beef…

Run time: 12.48
Certificate: 15 – Scenes may contain obscene language, violent behaviour and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Duration : 0:6:19

5 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt: Rise Of Prime Beef [Part Two]

  1. I will actualy continue Metroid Prime before I start MKDD and Sunshine. Only because Prime has only 2 parts and needs to start up again.

  2. Meredith says:

    I would not allow them to rise overnight… if they rise more than 20-30 minutes (after formed into their bagel shape) they will rise too much and collapse and you'll have flat bagels. If you read the recipe above, it says to let them rise once, roll them out into their shapes, and allow them to rise again (20-30 minutes each time). Then you boil and bake! Very quick. I hope you enjoy them & that this clarified things!

  3. xcalibre says:

    The 4n20’s are average. The best pie i’ve eaten (and I’ve eaten a lot of pies) is [Mrs Mac’s Big Country Beef They do normal beef too, but the Country one is something else. The choice of condiment and beverage are Tomato Sauce (i guess your Ketchup will do) and almost-frozen Coca Cola. The pie must be oven warmed to ensure a crunchy crust. My personal taste is 2-3mins in microwave to defrost, and then 5mins in preheated oven at 180C or so. Good luck and congratulations on researching this wonderful topic.

  4. DragonHunter says:

    Looks like accommodative esotropia. Basically, she was very far-sighted at birth, and it slowly improved with age. However, without corrective lenses at a young age or eye exercises, she likely lost use of the right eye.

  5. I have two relatives preparing themselves for new babies. One of them is a new mommy and the other one is on her third child. That’s two mom’s, two babies, two STORLLERS, two PACIFIERS, two x’s the DIAPER changing, two x’s the crying, two x’s the burping, two x’s the formula, milk, juice and water bottles, two x’s the doctors visits, two x’s the babysitting request, two x’s the waking up middle of the night, two x’s the throwing food, two x’s the teething, two x’s using the phrase “mommy said no” and the list just goes on and on.

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