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Prime Rib with Au Jus

Prime Rib with Au Jus Recipe from SimpleFoodie.com. Prime Rib is meant for a feast and it never dissapoints. What is amazing is how easy it is to make and how delicious it comes out. It takes just a little work the night before roasting to enhance the mouth watering melt in your mouth flavor, but it is so worth it.

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11 thoughts on “Prime Rib with Au Jus

  1. czarinad says:

    well actually you …
    well actually you just need salt and pepper to adjust the seasoning… but it doesn’t mean that you add everything. sometimes in cooking, you have to use your common sense too. for example the recipe calls for 3 tbsp of cayenne, would you put all the cayenne powder? of course not!!! in our school, when we make jus, we cook out the alcohol first, together with the mirepoix and trimmings of meat before adding the stock,,, then we reduce it it half, strain and finish it off with unsalted butter..

  2. andy65guitar says:

    @Orinchmoon Yeah …
    @Orinchmoon Yeah add all that salt and make an ooojuice with what is leftover after you have reduced the pan! You would need emergency surgery after trying the oh juice leftover fron the caked prime rib!!! This is a terrible insruction video! Thank you for concurring.

  3. Orinchmoon says:

    @andy65guitar LMAO! …
    @andy65guitar LMAO!!! I seriously cracked up out loud when he said that!

  4. andy65guitar says:

    There is your ooh …
    There is your ooh juice! Holy this is bad.

  5. andy65guitar says:

    Really! This is …
    Really! This is like a sex education video we used to have to watch in high school! Awful.

  6. BSFilms1997 says:

    it sounds like it’s …
    it sounds like it’s a monotone or computer voice

  7. laquotes says:

    you add salt TO …
    you add salt TO TASTE. so if you don’t think it’s salty enough, you add salt.

  8. googo151 says:

    I would most def, …
    I would most def, check for seasoning. I guess that’s what they mean. The jus probably has plenty. I love the recipe though.

  9. tpp969 says:

    thats bullshit.i …
    thats bullshit.i would definatly add salt

  10. diogornuto says:

    you never add salt …
    you never add salt to the au jus…..it’s full of salt from the roast…….who are these idiots?

  11. dailynznews says:

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