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Prime Cuts TV: How to Fabricate a Whole Filet Mignon

For today’s episode of Prime Cuts TV, Joe shows how to fabricate (cut-down) a whole Filet Mignon into individual servings. This is good for when having dinner guests or larger parties as a way to save money but serve high quality steaks.

Duration : 0:6:41

9 thoughts on “Prime Cuts TV: How to Fabricate a Whole Filet Mignon

  1. abigailhazsky says:

    I don’t have …
    I don’t have anyformal training , i needed a job and so the chef of the resturant took me in and was teaching me as we went along. He died this last fall before he got to steaks. And as owner ship changed The position of Kitchen manager fell in my lap only becasue i had been there longer and my wilingness to work hard and to go a job , Your Video has really helped me and its like your picking up where He has left off , Thank you very much. This has been So helpfull ..I have so much to learn …

  2. KombiPode says:

    Oh, it weighed in …
    Oh, it weighed in at 2.2kg. Maybe I will take a photo of it and see what you think.

    Guys, you probably already realise this but next time you do a video man you have to turn off that machine in the background. It makes it really hard to understand what you’re saying and its not pleasant at all to listen to 🙁

  3. KombiPode says:

    I watched this …
    I watched this video and then finally I went out and came across a full filet mignon like in this video. The guy was fabricating it for me but then I decided to buy the whole thing. I think I might have paid to much because he quoted R$15/kg – I dont know if he would have charged me for all the off-cuts after fabricating it. My portuguese is limited. But I have a dog and he will love the off-cuts. Thanks for the video.

  4. sterlruth says:

    Nice Job!
    Nice Job!

  5. primecutstv says:

    @ …
    @Disneyfan4always2008 We’re so glad to hear that it helped! We hope that culinary school is going well and if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to us 🙂

    -Justin and Joe

  6. Disneyfan4always2008 says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much this helped me a lot see im in culinary school and i was confused at how my instructor taught me to fabricate the tenderloin but watching you helped me so much and i got a perfect on my knife skills u are awesome thanks again!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

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  8. ComplianceConst says:

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