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Desmond Miller

Duration : 0:2:14

4 thoughts on “PRIME BEEF

  1. sdarms111 says:

    No kidding.. …
    No kidding.. AWESOME!

  2. MuscleJacker says:

    What incredible …
    What incredible suck-me nipples!

  3. awesomemusclz says:

    Love the deion!
    Love the deion!

  4. Joe Ng says:

    From the World RPS Society
    The Prime
    The prime is the ritual used to get players in sync with each other so they can deliver their throws simultaneously. It is the action of retracting one’s fist from full-arm extension towards the shoulder and then back to full extension. This phase is critically important. If at any time the players are not in synch with their primes, then play must stop and begin again. Having players deliver their throws at the same time is critical to ensuring a fair match.

    Priming conventions generally fall into two classes:

    1) European Prime: Three prime shoot. Players pump their arms in unison three times before starting the Approach phase.
    2) North American Prime: Two Prime Shoot. Players pump their arms in unison twice before starting the Approach phase.

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