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Prime and buster eating beef cubes

Prime and buster eating beef cubes

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  1. marty mcfly says:

    beef aint never been played out in Hip hop , even the fake beef with Kanye and 50 made alot of buzz and sales.

  2. Lia Haramlik says:

    (avevo dei follower mubarakiani: da quando ho scritto questo tweet ne ho già persi due)

  3. words2help says:

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  4. shadbox says:

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  5. persistentillusion says:

    I remember a pair of earings I had that looked like semi-melted ice cubes. I LOVED those earings and would do anything to get another pair like them. If you see something that resembles ice cubes, PLEASE let me know!

    CWG says: those sound cute!! a friend of mine had a pair of marbles that were 'shattered' inside–i love and covet them! i'll keep my eyes peeled for the melty ice cubes…

  6. PhilRedOsopherNeck says:

    No, the anti abortion commercial is the only beef I got with him. Are you familiar with Tebow or did you just make a quick judgement based of a picture? If it’s the latter your a douche and part of the problem.

  7. DallasConnections says:

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  8. Underestimated says:

    This is a great project. It's amazing how much money one spends on eating out. Not just eating off the dollar menu but going to places like you said (red lobster and olive garden) and dropping a bill on dinner for the family. Eating out less will not only put money in your pocket but give you time to spend with the family. Studies say 78% of families are sitting down making a home cooked meal once a day. This is progress for getting back to the way things were.

  9. Mr1SXM says:

    … ay, Justine what is your old dumb mould worth that you always have to post same dirt?

  10. NoregretsLiz says:

    I love it when I'm tryna use hand signals or mouth something to a guy and their so clueless , its so priceless and cute .

  11. J. Walt Layne says:

    D'you suppose anyone might object to the use of the term-“Inner City Sod Buster” or “Suburban Squash Rancher”, maybe just “intemperate, fearless, and inventive,” like the Kinfolk.

  12. EricxElxGrande says:

    Kobe beef 세계 최고의 품질 ! 정말 끝내줬는데~ 으… 먹고싶따아~~~~~!!!

  13. SabrinaAhmed says:

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  15. JenovaDoll says:

    lol mate i know that LOL all are stupid i guess im from italy and i know that about days-months-years anyway i said that 25.2.2011 cuz in the description i can see : Februay 22, 2011

  16. Yiğit Güneli says:

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  17. open the box of chocolates and dump them wholesale into my mouth – maybe eating the wrappers, too.

  18. Dolores says:

    Mister Kristoff, I just want to congratulate you on your astute and heartfelt reporting from the front lines of the people’s heroic struggles. Were there more journalists like yourself!

  19. Spyke212 says:

    1st time im one of the first people who whatches your videos :3 awsome video i give you a thumb up:3

  20. Corrector says:

    Beef bowl is my favorite dish. I often have it in a restaurant of beef bowls. The most famous beef bowl restaurant is Yoshino-ya, whose branches are running also in Los Angeles and New York. Unfortunately it isn't in Vancouver and while I was living in Vancouver, the BSE trouble attacked Yoshino-ya and it gave up selling beef bowls temporarily. The trouble has not been solved yet and they can't still purchase the cheap, U.S. beef which is recognized to be dangerous in Japan. So I haven't had Yoshino-ya's beef bowl for about two years now. This beef bowl picture I took in the other beef bowl restaurant. It isn't bad, but there are little slices of beef and much more egg instead!

  21. Anticonn says:

    At the risk of defending this absurd device, you don’t really need to be deep-throating your fork with every bite of pizza that you are for no apparent reason eating with a fork.

  22. Carrie Oliver says:

    Great post on grass-fed & finished beef and you're right, flavor and texture will vary depending on where the cattle are raised. You might also ask the farmers or other purveyors to name the breed or cross-breed and how the beef is aged and for how long as these (amongst other things) can also influence the beef. Yes, I'm a bit of a Beef Geek and I taste meat from different farms/butchers all the time 😉

  23. O429O8 says:

    This is how hiphop has evolved…………this is tru hiphop erebody take note man………..this is how u paiy dues by learning, listening and writing………these freestyles are all natural abiliteis when u pay dues……………..give it a thumbs up this is one of the best Cyphers i;ve seen…………….lets see what next year holds kuz that was fresh to def

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