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Pressure cooker recipe for roast beef?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to make roast beef (prime rib, NOT pot roast) in the pressure cooker. If I wanted it medium rare, how long would I have to cook it for (and at high or low pressure)? I have a Fagor Duo 8L pressure cooker.

Any other tips would be helpful. I need instructions about how to do this as I have not used a pressure cooker or cooked roast beef before.
I already checked google before I posted this question and alot of the recipes out there are for pot roast. In my question, I said I want a recipe for prime rib, NOT pot roast.

No, No, No, It must be roasted , if you boil it you’ll ruin it.

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  1. Teacher says:

    Use the seasonings you use to cook steak. Put the beef in the cooker covered with water at medium temperature for 45-60 mins. Lower the time to get more rare cooking.
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  2. dammitdrag says:

    No, No, No, It must be roasted , if you boil it you’ll ruin it.
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  3. NAN says:

    I would think there would be a much better way to cook prime rib than in a pressure cooker.
    It is such a pristine cut of meat, tender and juicy.
    I thought pressure cooker was for a tough cut of meat.
    Go to http://www.allrecipes.com and see if they have a better way to cook it.
    I have never made prime rib so don’t know how but have had it in restraunts a couple times.
    It is too expensive for my budget.
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  4. thanks !! very helpful post!

  5. ThatWarlockRuth says:

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  6. Mike Adams says:

    What about pressure cooker?

    I just had one of this yummies. I'm wondering if you put a dollop into a pressure cooker. I'm thinking of a popcorn kernel. It 'pops' because the water inside the starch boils and expands. The expanding breaks through the kernel's shell and the starch expands amazing amounts when cooked. What I don't understand is how to keep the chip from burning inside the pressure cooker.

    Notice the ingredients is specifically potato starch?

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