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Perfect Prime Rib of Beef – Prime Rib Method X

A secret method for perfect medium-rare prime rib of beef EVERY time.

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25 thoughts on “Perfect Prime Rib of Beef – Prime Rib Method X

  1. GrowABrainstem says:

    There’s no need to …
    There’s no need to cook a prime rib roast. Unless you’re a pussy, and can’t handle it, of course. I find that most end up posting on youtube because they are afraid of their food. Like little girlies. Sad.

  2. jorge9705 says:

    Stop being so …
    Stop being so paranoid, nothing is going to happen if you leave the beef over night. People worry too much and thats part of the reason they get sick. Not a well developed immune system and stress. So relax and enjoy.

  3. omegahpla says:

    Had mom do 2 large …
    Had mom do 2 large roasts this way, and I did 3 smaller ones later

    perfect method for any size rib roast

    kids were a little wary of the rare side of med rare (my oven only goes to 470 actual temp at 550 max, but I went with that to get closer to rare and it went great), but once they start on the outer rim thats a little more cooked, the flavor gets them and they were hooked and wanted more … sneaky? YES

    More great stuff, thanks

  4. al821 says:

    I just did it …
    I just did it tonight. As it gets closer to two hours, the roast starts to cool down a bit. I would try an hour and 20 min then take it out

  5. MyRanchMyRules says:



    It was very direct. People just get too paranoid these days with bacteria and disease. I would hope in a kitchen or eating area it would be free of flies to begin with or at least close to it.

    It is safe to say that people were eating various meats thousands of years before refrigeration was invented.

  6. thatbastardson says:

    haha yea. i would …
    haha yea. i would think the larvae placement to actual maggot emergence, would take a minimum of a couple days. it sounded like i was being tough on the guy, but i just wanted to express how unlikely it would be to have maggots crawling on a his roast, after only 6 hours. i think i had a few beers in me when i posted that, also. 🙂

  7. MyRanchMyRules says:

    LMAO…Even then …
    LMAO…Even then it’s only a maybe.

  8. MyRanchMyRules says:



    Sometimes longer.

  9. MaineMeatMan says:

    That Roast looks …
    That Roast looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing- glad you didnt cover the roast with tinfoil- Leaving it uncovered gives more of a crusty outside which keeps more juices in, also if you cover with tinfoil, it tends to steam cook, tasting more like a chuck roast.
    I agree leaving it out to room temp , whether its a roast or a steak for grilling (heard that on the cooking channel a few years ago) if the meat is cooked over 140 degrees, this kills any bacteria
    Thanks again!!

  10. viper0981 says:

    quit being a pussy.
    quit being a pussy.

  11. lakefisher123 says:


  12. jazz2slick says:

    what’s in the …
    what’s in the butter mix???

  13. EbolaV1rus says:

    No. There would be …
    No. There would be no maggots.

  14. EbolaV1rus says:

    How do you think …
    How do you think they age whole sides of beef? They leave it hanging for a week.

  15. amachen55 says:

    Nice looking rib …
    Nice looking rib roast. I prefer Alton Brown’s method, which appears to ensure a crispier crust with the same level of doneness. My other worry is that there’s too many spices at work on a piece of meat that is expensive enough to stand on its own. Still, thanks for sharing.

  16. jorge9705 says:

    so beatiful It made …
    so beatiful It made me cry 😉

  17. lollingbowling says:

    has anyone tried …
    has anyone tried this method I am going to make it next week?

  18. Beanmaster73 says:

    i would skip that …
    i would skip that whole part about leaving it out for six hours- very bad idea- any bacteria present in the meat would rapidly multiply in that time frame and non- refrigerated environment

  19. Scrotolotopus says:

    What kind of arse …
    What kind of arse would not eat the fat on that?

  20. 1kperday says:


  21. mygoatisdead says:

    Just cover it, or …
    Just cover it, or even wrap it loosely in a plastic trash bag, or stick it in a box lol

  22. thatbastardson says:

    if you on the …
    if you on the prime rib, set it outside on your lawn, then maybe. if not, then no.

  23. thesuperfilms says:

    wouldnt you get …
    wouldnt you get maggots on the prime rib after 6 hours

  24. streetwhereulive says:

    Wouldn’t the fat be …
    Wouldn’t the fat be much to salty to eat?

  25. recoil53 says:

    Some do. It is full …
    Some do. It is full of flavor. Pure saturated fat, of course.

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