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Montana Kobe Beef Co Slide Show Classic HD

This slide show features the Montana Kobe Beef Company’s all natural, custom aged, Montana Kobe Beef. Cuts that are featured are Tenderloin Steaks, NY Strip Steaks, Bone-in Ribeye Steaks, and the Montana “Long Bone” Ribeye Steak. All of these “Ultra Prime” steaks and roasts from the Montana Kobe Beef Co. are available for purchase online with overnight delivery to your address.
Whether you are a individual that wants only the very best, an executive chef looking for the “Best Steak” you have ever tasted, or a regional distributor looking to provide the very best “Ultra Prime”, dry-aged Montana Wagyu Beef. Certified Grown in Montana. www.montanakobebeef.com

Wagyu commonly known as “Kobe” beef is raised in Montana. The Montana Kobe Beef Co’s beef is always Hormone and Antibiotic “FREE”. Our Montana Kobe Beef is 100% American Wagyu. Only the best bloodlines and strict diet will produce the intense marbling seen in this video. …

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