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Make Prime Rib by Cooking.com

Learn to make prime rib with Professional Chefs Chris “Stu” Randell, Mike Yakura and Cooking.com.

Duration : 0:1:41

26 thoughts on “Make Prime Rib by Cooking.com

  1. TheTrollManFool says:

    Both of you homos.
    Both of you homos.

  2. TheTrollManFool says:

    I’ll roast your …
    I’ll roast your prime rib and stick it up your ass. Bitch.

  3. bajabilly2004 says:

    wonder if they …
    wonder if they american pied that rib first cuz it looks it lol

  4. JUSTBOLTONS says:

    i just love the way …
    i just love the way they stare at each other……oh JOEY!!!!!

  5. sonsoffaith says:

    LOL ….. how did …
    LOL ….. how did this come from a prime rib video….. WOW. the language!

  6. garrisdom says:

    why are you guys so …
    why are you guys so hard on them whats wrong with them teaching how to make prime rib?

  7. teatimequeen1 says:

    I am a woman and a …
    I am a woman and a mom and you ,You are a jerk. All those low class words, all that garbage you spewed forth. Your language was offensive and just plain STUPID. ALL OVER A COOKING VIDEO. People like you ruin America. Low class trash

  8. alcatrazcruises1 says:

    Why do people go on …
    Why do people go on youtube too look up men cooking meat? Its like open acceptable gay jacking off material. GO COOK YOUR OWN PRIME RIB! bastards ruining America. Raping our churches and burning our women, It’s a disgrace

  9. JUSTBOLTONS says:

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    you maka me sooooo hony GI

  10. readynow12345 says:

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    watch your mouth before you get something stuffed in it dick fag..

  11. JUSTBOLTONS says:


  12. dannyknapp says:

    oh man, that looks …
    oh man, that looks so good !

  13. PrimeRibAssociation says:

    If you really love …
    If you really love prime rib, you have to look up the Prime Rib Asoociation. We are the world authority on Prime Rib.

  14. Chilax says:

    Dam after they cut …
    Dam after they cut that it looked like select rib not prime. did you see how ulgy that piece of fat looked like. it was not nice like prime rib and their was no internalized fat all around the meat. it looked like meat that came off a rodeo bull.

  15. godspeed18 says:

    one of em is the …
    one of em is the guest judge on top chef with the up do

  16. raganriley says:

    He is not using a …
    He is not using a meat thermometer. It is a candy thermometer. And yes, there is a big difference.

  17. BrianPex says:

    This is totally not …
    This is totally not the best way.. I worked in a resturant famous for great prime rib. Here goes: Bone in – best flavor. Hand rub a generous amount of garlic salt all over the rib – TOP – BOTTOM – SIDES.. Preheat to 250. Cook at 2 to 2 1/2hrs at this temp (Med Rare) – 2 1/2 – 3 (Med – well) Then, VERY KEY, turn down to 160 (warm) for another two hours or up to six hrs.. won’t cook.. just the longer, the more tender.. So in all, after four hours you will have a SLOW ROAST MASTERPIECE! 10000% SURE

  18. Blaze1024 says:

    In Fahrenheit.

    In Fahrenheit.
    chiefs in today’s society cook meats at excessively hot emperatures. lots of carcinogens are formed by cooking meat at high temps. Today’s fast paced society just can’t seem to slowdown and wait for properly cooked meal.

  19. sarge727 says:

    is your temp in …
    is your temp in Ferenheit or Celcius ?

  20. Blaze1024 says:

    Oh most important. …
    Oh most important. Before the Rack goes in the offset be sure to sear it well. I use a Weber and sear each side over blistering hot Mesquite coals, about 2 min a side is good

  21. Blaze1024 says:

    The Key to a …
    The Key to a Fantastic Prime Rib is to cook it low and slow in a BBQ using offset cooking. Remember a Rib Rack will suck up smoke like a sponge and we are not looking for a smoky flavor we just want the natural fire that is produced from real wood coals to gently cook the meat. So if you can see visible smoke coming out the stack IT’S TO MUCH. A very light blue smoke that’s difficult to see is perfect.

  22. Blaze1024 says:

    Did they say 350 …
    Did they say 350 degrees…. Wow that’s way to hot.. Dam I cook prime rib at 190 degrees using an offset BBQ, I use Oak and Mesquite as fuel. A 20 pound Prime rib takes about 8 hours to reach medium rare. What ever you do don’t have the butcher separate the bone from the rack. You absolutely want it whole as the sweetest meat is near the bone.

  23. TreblRebl says:

    FAKE…prime rib …
    FAKE…prime rib doesn’t exist

  24. CRAZYCRADER says:

    Damn I love Prime …
    I love Prime Rib!Nothing is better!

  25. Cutlass3000 says:

    That is one of the …
    That is one of the best tasting cuts of beef you can eat.

  26. dsmrunner says:

    nam pham won…because he can take the punishment, and return´╗┐ it x2

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