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Kansas City Steak (6) 10-oz USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steaks

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Discover taste and quality beyond compare in every bite of these juicy USDA prime rib-eye steaks from the Kansas City Steak Company. Marbled for unmatched tenderness and flavor.

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5 thoughts on “Kansas City Steak (6) 10-oz USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steaks

  1. GrapeZots says:

    I love shopping …
    I love shopping with QVC 🙂

  2. olive oil - Twitter Search says:

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  3. tracysingian says:

    A 48 oz steak on man vs food?? My stomach is hurting jut thinking about it

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    Murder Capital…I like it.
    The City that Reads…even better.

  5. Gaia, the non-blonde says:

    Jenny, thanks for the correction. I fixed it- it’s 10 oz, of course.

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