is there a substitute cut of beef for prime rib?

I’d like to do a standing rib roast but, not real keen on spending so much money. The last one i did was about $40. I have an excellent recipe that I use. I know it won’t be the same but, anything tasty that you’ve tried?
i shopped at Publix on the monday after easter and they had just gone off sale but, the associate in the meat dept (who is also my next-door neighbor) suggested Winn Dixie and alas, crisis averted. Got a 3-rib roast for a mere $25.

Always wait until the standing rib roast or prime rib goes on sale to buy. That’s the best way to afford it. Nothing compares to a good Prime Rib roast. It’s the best. They’re costly, but if you keep your eyes on the weekly grocery sales, you can find them on sale mostly during holidays.

The only cut I can think of that is like that is the rib eye steak, and that, indeed, is a steak.
Good luck.