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Great Prime rib in the bay area?

Have already tried House of prime rib and Broadway Prime.
Beef its whats for dinner!!!
Thanks for the advise.

Sundance Steak House in Palo Alto. It’s on El Camino, across the street from Stanford University.

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  1. sotallytoberqtpie says:

    House of Prime Rib in San Francisco on Van Ness Ave
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  2. sarajean788 says:

    Sundance Steak House in Palo Alto. It’s on El Camino, across the street from Stanford University.
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  3. spiritsf says:

    waterfront resturant in rodeo is excellent

    harris in san francisco
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  4. adam H says:

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  7. kurato says:

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  8. traveloncloud9 says:

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    Joe: Not yet. I've only heard that Repulse Bay is the best. Can I get to South Bay by bus or by train? Thanks!

  9. ALPHAMALE718 says:

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  12. Elliot says:

    I’ve been following this thread for a while, given Mr. James disparaging comments this has been on my radar for over a month. I feel like it is finally time to weigh in on some of these comments, not that I disagree with everyone, but I think it would be interesting to add a restaurateur’s perspective to the dialogue.

  13. ivancho9210 says:

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  14. laurawalkerseo says:

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  15. brobot99 says:

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  17. hargel411 says:

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  18. Twitter says:

    Filomena’s Ridtorante in Georgetown has a Sunday brunch buffet. I’m beside myself with ecstasy at this.

  19. Leon says:

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  20. John says:

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  23. BaySense says:

    Tom —
    Thanks for all of that backstory! Given the timing of the Long Island Study and the similarities, I suspected it may have been modeled on the Chesapeake effort.
    By the way, I grew up around Narragansett Bay and Buzzards bay. (And lived for a few years near L.I. Sound.)
    And for those of you who want to do some comparing, here's a post with pointers to the Chesapeake Bay Agreements (plus TMDL lawsuits) that created & shaped the Chesapeake Bay Program.

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  25. Anika says:

    My 6 yr. old daugther recently discovered she has a food allergy. We carry an epi pen and I was wondering if I would have any problems at the bag check area?

  26. I found the last pic today, and it looks like the area was devastated.

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