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Dead Kennedys Jock O Rama

You really like gorillas?
We’ve got just the pet for you
It’s the way you’re forced to act
To survive our schools

Make your whole life revolve around sports
Walk tough-don’t act too smart
Be a mean machine
Then we’ll let you get ahead

Jock-O-Rama-Save my soul
We’re under the thumb of the Beef Patrol
The future of America is in their hands
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls
Pep rally in the holy temple
And you’re forced to go
Masturbate en masse
With the favored religious cult
Cheerleaders yell-“Ra Ra Team”
From the locker room parades the prime beef
When archaeologists dig this up
They’ll either laugh or cry

Jock-O-Rama-On the brain
Redneck-a-thon drivin’ me insane
The future of America is in their hands
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls
Unzip that old time religion
On the almighty football field
Beerbellies of all ages
Come to watch the gladiators bleed
“Now boys, this game ain’t played for fun
You’re going out there to win
How d’ya win?
Get out there
And snap the other guy’s knee!”

Beat ’em up! Beat ’em up!
Ra Ra Ra
Snap those spinal cords
Ha Ha Ha

The star quarterback lies injured
Unconscious on the football field
Looks like his neck’s been broken
Seems to happen somewhere every year

His mom and dad clutch themselves and cry
Their favorite son will never walk again
Coach says, “That boy gave a hundred percent
What spirit
What a man”

But who cares?
Games over-Let’s go get wasted man
To the 7-11, to the liquor store
Let’s party all night and party some more

Another Trans-Am
Wrapped itself around a telephone pole
“I ain’t drunk, officer
I just fell gettin’ out of my car”

Don’t worry about it, son
We were that way when we were young
You’ve got all the skills
To make a good businessman

Jock-O-Rama-that’s the law
Come lick the butts of the Beef Patrol
If the future of America is handed to them
Watch it roll over Niagara Falls

Duration : 0:4:7

25 thoughts on “Dead Kennedys Jock O Rama

  1. BLACKIESBOY says:

    @ …

    Their dads smelled bad.
    Their boyfriends smell bad.

    Get it now? 😀

  2. OneInNegativeTwo says:

    Some one like NOFX …
    Some one like NOFX should make a song cover of this, like they did with California Uber Alles, and made it into California Uber Allice. & it should be called Barak O Bama. I don’t know how everyone here feals about NOFX, but you gotta admit that sounds like a good idea.

  3. wolfservant5 says:

    @InsomniacAlex …
    @InsomniacAlex thank you, been wondering about that.

  4. FellToRise says:

    @RVProductions But …
    @RVProductions But Democrats generally subscribe to the Liberalistic ideology.

  5. InsomniacAlex says:

    @wolfservant5 The …
    @wolfservant5 The jocks got drunk and went in a barrel that rolled over Niagara Falls.

  6. JohannaMirthless says:

    “Now I’m smokin a …
    “Now I’m smokin a bowl and learning about psychology which is mind blowing!” LOL. While I dislike jocks, I also dislike stoners who think they are cool because they smoke weed. It’s like the jocks thinking they are cool because they drink. Who cares what you put into your body? I sure as don’t.

  7. therealCanablisS says:

    @ …
    @originalninjatoaster ya because they all have some sorta complex about looks weight etc. something along the line of people pleasers …am i making any sence here lol

  8. wolfservant5 says:

    What’s the …
    What’s the significance of “watch it roll over Niagra falls?”

  9. FatMetalFan says:

    @fat8622 here here …
    @fat8622 here here mate

  10. tyikiki101 says:

    @fat8622 lol exact …
    @fat8622 lol exact reason i hate them but i always get in fights with them..for that shit

  11. fat8622 says:

    I hate …
    I hate jocks. Pick on the little guy just because they can’t handle their homosexual rage, and somehow girls fall for them over the creative types. The truth is, most aren’t even that attractive, they’re usually not very attractive from all the swelling they get from being beaten on the head constantly

  12. o0Evangelion20140o says:

    You dont understand …
    You dont understand punk rock then if you think that it’s only about laws and anarchy. Punk is the ultimate form of individuality in music.

  13. NYpUnk914 says:

    I want some really …
    I want some really gay porn

  14. smallenginemods says:

    god damned jocks …
    god damned jocks thinkin they’re all so much better and can get anything other than the ones who have to work their off to get somethingbtw dead kennedys rock!!

  15. noobz121 says:

    i used to get …
    i used to get bullied constantly and shoved around by them assholes. now im smokin a bowl and learning about psychology which is mind blowing, and theyre probably all getting a degree in some boring for the next 20 years and hating their life. lol

  16. FOIIAD says:

    again jello managed …
    again jello managed to express exactly what i felt and thought when during my schooltime; even though the jocks in germany play soccer

  17. deathbypowerglove says:

    This song perfectly …
    This song perfectly describes the people in the world who don’t deserve the air.

    People who get things handed to them because “oh I play football”
    So what?

    And use that to bang girls and run….some guys huh

  18. headphonic8 says:

    @dudesons441 …
    @dudesons441 the superbowl for those who are in if for the money or for living their daddy’s dream of being a big, tough football man.

  19. headphonic8 says:

    I bet I’ll get ” …
    I bet I’ll get “thumbs downed” for this just because not all of you agree. Typical.

    What I was going to say though was that ALL sports aren’t bad. Just the people who think like those in this song. I mean, some people genuinely enjoy their sport. Personally, I don’t give a if I do well, so long as I’m having fun.

    And clearly, Jello understand this too. This song is about those kids who just play their sport to gain popularity before going out and wasting their soul partying.

  20. gregorybrian says:

    Fast forward to …
    Fast forward to 2000. The people Jello’s talking about are who ran our country.

    I’m surprised Jello never wrote a song called “Heckuva Job Brownie!”

  21. dudesons441 says:

    @ …
    @ originalninjatoaster I don’t understand that either. They aren’t even looking for a relationship. They just want to “hit it then quit it”. Then they’ll brag to all of their friends about it afterwards. highschool.

  22. dudesons441 says:

    Same here haha. …
    Same here haha. School’s gonna suck though. No one is gonna shut up about it.

  23. davidsk8r94 says:

    didnt even watch i …
    didnt even watch i was playing guitar

  24. dudesons441 says:


  25. 502skater502 says:

    Haha that would be …
    Haha that would be the best thing ever

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