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Cooking Prime Rib

Thanksgiving Day son Chris, Executive Chef shows us how to cook prime rib roast

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  1. AtlNuggets says:

    I Want Revenge! bit …
    I Want Revenge! bit . ly/jerku

  2. MisterClean121 says:

    prime rib is great.
    prime rib is great.

  3. sniperserg says:

    afterall its all a …
    afterall its all a matter of personal taste….
    i did like the commercial grade gas range, the end result is a good looking carved prime rib…

  4. sickkat44 says:

    sniperserg, you are …
    sniperserg, you are the only other guy that does it like i do. this guys wasting his time trying to sear it all around like that, lucky he doesnt slip and drop it. the only thing i do is put it on a rack and add beef broth to the pan to catch the drippings for the au jus. ive never used flour either. 20+ yrs in kitchens and havent lost one yet. cheers!

  5. andy65guitar says:

    You’re an Executive …
    You’re an Executive Chef?

  6. melvinhartwinkle says:

    Ended too soon! ( ; …
    Ended too soon! ( ;-()

  7. angelambryant says:

    Have a good …
    Have a good christmas. Hope it goes well.

  8. maraypaz says:

    ok thanks it looks …
    ok thanks it looks sooo yummy! i’m gonna try to make it for christmas

  9. angelambryant says:

    The flour is not …
    The flour is not necessary but it helps to get that crusty exterior.

  10. maraypaz says:

    i’m curious about t …
    i’m curious about t he flour is it really necessary??

  11. sniperserg says:

    whats with the …
    whats with the flour? in 13 years of commercial cooking and a 2 year culinary degree ive never heard of flour on prime roast. also ive never seen anyone sear a 14 lb prime. I usually throw mine in for 20-30 minutes at 500* F and then bump iot down to 285* for another 2 hours or so depending on size. ill give you thumbs up for using rosemary.

  12. rockotwo2 says:

    I think I got it! …
    I think I got it! NOT!!!

  13. diogornuto says:

    poor example……. …
    poor example………..just crap!

  14. oceansdoor says:

    I’m just drooling …
    I’m just drooling big ropes of drool when it was all done and sliced up

  15. jmastr28 says:

    You should …
    You should communicate, smile and add a little pizzaz to your video

  16. SWinger7 says:

    less than gas.
    less than gas.

  17. mskerripa says:

    Looks yummy and …
    Looks yummy and very creative!

  18. dawg1157 says:

    how much per pound …
    how much per pound does prime rib run these days?

  19. raganriley says:

    Please mail me a …
    Please mail me a slice.

  20. BrianPex says:

    Searing the sides …
    Searing the sides like that is 100% useless.. Totally not needed..

  21. jg61163 says:

    Thanks for the tips …
    Thanks for the tips… Oh, give Pappy a piece!!

  22. angelambryant says:

    Yes, and helps …
    Yes, and helps browning

  23. tigereye1964 says:

    What’s the flour …
    What’s the flour for, crustiness?

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  25. Jerry says:

    Here's a link to grilling prime rib that I'm trying right now:

    The author has some great tips and I like the way he uses scientific facts to make for interesting reading.
    He explains reverse searing. Basically that is is best to sear at the end.
    I've followed his instructions for ribs and they were by far the besr ribs I've ever tasted. I'm hoping this recipe will be as successful.
    Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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  30. Stanpk2 says:

    do rs videos if you want. It was the reason i first subbed but after a while i forgot about them and loved your vlogs

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  38. Antiks72 says:

    No real fish were killed in the process of making this video 🙂

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  48. Steve Haines says:

    Hi Nancy

    Sutherland describes doing it in sitting, I have always done it in supine. You can contact the angle of the rib medial to the scapula so it is not a problem.

    As a chiropractor I was taught that ribs only subluxate anteriorly and you thrust anterior to posterior with superior angle. Sutherland wants the rib head to go anterolateral, which is quite different. I just get a sense of the rib easing laterally and maybe a little anterior and the the whole segment feeling easier. Let me know how you get on.


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