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Cooking Prime Rib

Thanksgiving Day son Chris, Executive Chef shows us how to cook prime rib roast

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  1. hollyismightylord says:

    Mr Fielding, if you glance at yourself on youtube, here is a thought. You dont have to act “English”, by thinking omg, I did something incredible, im messing my pants and cant do anything else except for TV appearances in case it is not as good. DO some more! 3 series of less than 10 episodes was not enough. Get some balls!

  2. "Adsence $" via Mt. Courtney in Google Reader says:

    Frugal Moms Guide to Once a Month Cooking –

  3. Janette says:

    Oh Taer… I was just going to say you have been blogging a lot. Is this blog another sad reminder? *hug*

    I hate cooking, and cooking for others makes it a little better. Not everybody finds eating by themselves lonely, though most do. I don't. I kind of like eating alone, but I am not your conventional girl.

    I like your cooking. Cook for me and eat with me. I told you I'd be a stand-in. jk Mister Noodle.

    Love and hugs.

  4. Princeofcatpoop says:

    I am convinced that I do not feel pain the same way other people do. Among the other stupid things I have done or considered doing again for the sensation are: headbutting walls, stapling fingers, plucking pubic hair, second degree burns from scalding oil, breaking a rib and dislocating my shoulder. The only thing that stops me from doing these things for fun is the knowledge that I don’t know how to do these things safely so that I receive non-life threatening injuries.

  5. oregon expat says:

    Thanks, Styx. I was hoping somebody would come up with a “this is a ___ vault” kind of answer, but what the heck, I went ahead into the Wikipedia Vortex. After spending 45 minutes reading various articles on vault styles and construction, I think this one is a rib vault (more modern and decorative version of the groin vault) and the vaults over the transept bays/east end are a more complex rib vault called sexpartite vaults.

    I still want an architectural historian buddy to go touring with.

  6. deathfire756 says:

    yeah but thats staged. he ant be killed just fighting the enclave going to the water purifier for example

  7. kooktocook says:

    So many rib recipes and methods for prep. I enjoyed these quite a bit. cheers, KtC

  8. ShutUpBtchFollo says:

    QT class=” ” class=” ” I’m just hungry. Lol! I’m cooking some fish, rice and broccoli right now. Oh ok good lol yo pregnant self;)

  9. nerdtalker says:

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