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Chef Ron’s “Prime Rib & Rib Eye-Steaks.. a Beef Bonanza!”

NOTE: The vid quality is WAY below our usual standards-I apologize. Our $5000 Sony HD-cam set put a loaf on the linen (6 months old) so we will be “roughing” it for a month or so!
THAT BEING SAID… this one is BIG FUN as chef Ron and youngest son Michael brave sub-freezing temps and a huge slab of dead steer to bring you “Prime Rib & Rib Eye-Steaks a Beef Bonanza!”
The Executive Chef Catering presents: Chef Ron – la Alta Cucina! Season 2-a :
Chef Ron’s “Prime Rib & Rib Eye-Steaks.. A Beef Bonanza!”
Master Chef Italian Cucina Ron Johnson takes us on a video journey through “la Alta Cucina Italiana” passing along many recipes he learned (and some he helped create!) at la Scuola di Cucina Italiana” en Todi, Italia where he apprenticed for his Master Chef Certification in 1988.
“la Alta Cucina” explores the truest passion for food and cooking as only known and experienced by the Italian culture. Taking the time, no matter the cost, to hand select the finest, freshest ingredients anywhere and preparing each dish with knowledge, skill and devotion- serving each guest as the most important to ever enter your home… la Alta Cucina Italiana!

Duration : 0:10:14

11 thoughts on “Chef Ron’s “Prime Rib & Rib Eye-Steaks.. a Beef Bonanza!”

  1. RonandRobin says:

    Thanks phant- from …
    Thanks phant- from a “Daddy” standpoint, that means alot to me!

  2. hierophant333 says:

    This video is …
    This video is awesome regardless of resolution. It reminded me of how I started cooking. I’m from KC (serious BBQ territory) and my father’s demonstrations of grill technique are by far my first and most influential culinary experiences. Watching this video has made me revisit those memories and more seriously appreciate them.

  3. RonandRobin says:


  4. andytaggart says:

    Thanks Chef, I …
    Thanks Chef, I appreciate your consideration for your subscribers. Not too sure that Al knows you or I but maybe Hilary could get to know learn the metric system as it seemed to be pretty easy for Monica to get a hold of it. (could she actually count in inches) Got to Tescos but also found the beer counter.

  5. Foodaholics101 says:

    Wow…sometimes we …
    Wow…sometimes we can get all caught up in the haute cuisine and forget about the simple everyday stuff. This is why even great 5 star chefs should keep a copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook or Joy of Cooking around as a reference tool for those times when doing something easy makes our brain turn to mush.

  6. RonandRobin says:

    Great Point: True …
    Great Point: True story, 1984-In my 1st Exec Chef Job, at a Continental Tavern, I had to call mom @ Thanksgiving & ask her how to make stuffing. I had done rollatini fillings, I could sautee, soup & sauce ANYONE out of the kitchen, but what exactly was it that mom was jamming into that bird evey year?!

  7. Foodaholics101 says:

    OMG! Your kid is so …
    OMG! Your kid is so cute! I think getting kids in the kitchen is a wonderful idea. I was in the kitchen at the age of 3 drying lettuce. My 1 1/2 yr old niece is in the kitchen helping my dad wash and tear lettuce. Anything you can teach a kid at that age will stick around for years. Unfortunately, when I moved out I could make lemon chicken or a nice meat sauce, but couldn’t broil a chicken breast worth a dang. heck, my sister had to call home to ask how to boil an egg. So teach everything.

  8. evolutionlover says:

    It’s always so nice …
    It’s always so nice to see the kids are involved during the cooking 🙂

  9. andytaggart says:

    Top man Chef. I’m …
    Top man Chef. I’m on my way to Tescos now for the ingredients. (if i can get down the road, weather is terrible) Don’t think I can get the barbie out just yet but certainly can give the roast a shot. I see you still haven’t managed to grasp the metric system just yet?? lol. Faye is delighted with her new name and says if Chef Rob ever makes British TV she’ll be delighted. Keep up the good shows Chef and good luck with your ambitions.

  10. flossysband says:

    very nice i think i …
    very nice i think i wil try this sometime soon, thanks for this.keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  11. access81 says:

    This makes me …
    This makes me hungry. I’m so tempted to crash your family dinner.

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